Chapter 6

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Hello fellow wattpadians,

I hope you understand the immense felling of sorrow I feel.


if you have stayed with me and are reading this, my full gratitude.

There are no words to thank you as much as I want to.


- ryan


Today was the day. The day where I would get to see my friends again, and meet the famous Calypso.

I woke up before Percy's alarm clock, and reached over and turned it off. He stirred.

: Percy, It's time to get up." I said.

"No, can't we just stay here....." He said, pulling me in and not letting me go.

"Percy no!" I laughed.

I tried to get up, but he kept me within his grasp.

"Percy, we have to go to school today to see the seven...." I said.

This got him up. He sprang from bed and ran into the bathroom.



This year was quite a hectic one. We defeated Queen Dirt Face, etc. etc.

Of Course, no doubt in my mind, the best part of this year had been finding Calypso. My sweet sunshine finally joined me in the mortal world.

I am very nervous for high school. No one, and I mean no one was going to lay a hand on my precious calypso's head. No one. Of course, this would take some skill only Leo Valdez has. I would punch anyone within two feet of her that wasn't my friend, or maybe five feet....

I was riding in the camp van, with the seven, Nico, and Reyna. Needless to say it was crowded.

Also, everyone was dead silent. This was absolutely unacceptable. I was going to say one of my "Leo that's really funny jokes," until Calypso leaned over and played her head on my shoulder.

Second thought, silence is good.

We arrived at school, and everyone piled out as the van quickly sped away.

WE looked around, dumbfounded. The place was huge. Everyone gawked until Jason broke the silence. He looked weird to me in mortal clothes; I'd only seen him in Camp Jupiter wear before.

"Shall we go inside?" He asked.

We all nodded our heads, and walked inside.

We went into the main office, to see Percy and Annabeth.

"OMIGODS!" Annabeth shrieked, running over, hugging us all to death.

Percy did the same, just without the, um, shrieking part.

I inspected the interior. Annabeth followed my gaze at the celling.

"It's a really old building. Of course, not compared to the old things we've witnessed but... I say it could use some more stability poles and pazazzing." She said.

"Soooo, what you're saying is, it needs some Leo." I said smirking.

"Whatever Valdez" she said.

We got our schedules, my way the same as Calypso's. HAPPY DANCE.

My schedule was:

1. Science

2. Math

3. Language Arts

4. Social Studies

5. Lunch

6. Specials

7. Specials/Clubs/Study Hall

Oh Gods how was I going to make it through the morning. I guess Calypso would help. :P

We walked down the hallway, and found our lockers. They were all right next to each other.

I held Calypso's hand as we made our way to Science.


What'd you think?

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