Chapter 15

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Gosh I haven't written in this story for like an ETERNITY.
Words cannot explain how sorry I am:
Anyway, here is what I am giving you:
It's summer and I now have SOOOOO much free time.
Here it is.
All my love,
Ps: the picture is Annabeth's bathing suit 👙
I literally cannot believe that Thalia is here! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPPY!!!!!!

Leo and Calypso are giving her the tour. Each couple is going to do an activity together.
Percy and I are swimming, of course.

I walked to my room, in search of a bathing suit. I took me a couple seconds to figure out the keypad outside the closet; it organized all my clothes. So all I had to do was select bathing suit, and it showed me where to find them. Personally, I would have preferred a one-piece, but I think Aphrodite stocked my closet so all I have is bikinis. Percy will be pleased.

I literally have twenty bikinis. So, summer swimming will be a must.
I chose Neon Coral Pink Halter Geometric Cut-Out Bikini. It was gorgeous. I tied my hair back into a ponytail, and threw on a t-shirt and athletic shorts.

Then I met Percy in the foyer and we proceeded to the pool.

Percy led me to the pool, for all I know he's already been swimming in it.

"Don't worry it's not cold," Percy told me. Thank the Gods because I was not going to be swimming in a cold pool.

I chose a lounge chair and laid my towel on it.

Percy sat next to me and quickly took his shirt off and sprinted to the diving board.

I have to admit, he is very fit. His six pack it just OH MY GODS.

He went to the end of the board, bounced and did a perfect dive into the pool. When he didn't resurface, I wasn't worried.

I was in my bathing suit and on the board in the next second.

Percy resurfaced and watched me mount the board. I could feel his eyes raking over me. He had a smirk on his face.
I did a front flip, and when I saw the look on Percy's face, I knew I did it perfectly.

Percy motioned for me to swim over. I did and her took my hand and pulled my under.

Of course he made a bubble. Of course. Then in was basically a make out session.
Sorry it was so short.
Nest chapter will be Jiper. I promise.
What about nick and Thalia.
I think I'm going to have Willa me Nico have a long distance relationship.
Thalia will find someone maybe.
Ryan 🌺

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