Chapter 18

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When I woke up, I was in my bed. It was so comfy and I honestly did not want to get up. I had to go back to that filthy mortal school! As much as I love learning, I have dyslexia, which makes it hard to concentrate in school. I prefer fighting my mortal enemies then school.

​I rolled out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom. I brushed my hair, with a great deal of effort, mind you. I walked back to my closet and saw that an outfit had already been picked out for me. It was a pair of jean shorts and a meshi nay blue tank top. I put on some nude sandals, and went downstairs.

​I was not very hungry, and ate a muffin from a basket the gods had left for us. I sat on the couch, when Leo came running downstairs.

​"Ok everyone. Begin thanking me now, for I have created the greatest thing ever," he said, Calypso lightly laughing at his side. "I have created demigod-safe phones," he said, his smile growing wider.

​I perked up. I had always wanted something that would allow me to contact Percy faster than word of mouth. Leo passed them out, and I got a skinny silver phone. I pressed the circular button on the end, and the screen lit up. It said the time and the date. I knew a lot about mortals, and my step-mom has one of these. I already knew how it worked.

​"I constructed them so we have our very own cell-service. Monsters cannot 'tap' into the signals, and they are completely demigod safe. I don't have cases right now, so try not to drop them. Also," Leo was talking so fast it was a bit hard to comprehend.
​"Leo," Calypso said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Maybe slow down a bit. Some of this stuff is completely ne," She said, Leo blushing.

​"Oh, ha, sorry guys, so as I was saying, don't lose them! Seriously, keep them on you at all times. I don't think mortals can do anything on them, but I don't want to take any chances. OK?" He said. We all nodded in agreement.

​"Quick, Annabeth, tell me your number," Percy said, jumping next to me on the couch.
​"Um, my number is 266-223-8411," I replied. Almost instantly my phone buzzed. I looked down, reading a text from an unknown number.

​Hi wise girl ;)

​I smiled. I saved the number and made Percy's contact. We kept texting, probably for an unnatural amount of time. I looked at the clock, and rushed back upstairs for my backpack.

​As I was coming back downstairs, a group chat had been started. Oh dear.

​Percy offered to drive me, and we drove into Goode, hand-in hand. We parked, and Percy opened my door; such a gentleman. I slung my backpack over my shoulder, and we headed into Goode. I have to note, I didn't expect girls to be this judge-mental here. I cannot count how many death glares I received, just by walking hand in hand with Percy; although, I returned the glares 10x harder.

​As I was heading to my first class, I heard so many whispers.

​"I bet she and Percy haven't even done it yet. She doesn't even wear any makeup. She totally dyes her hair; that is definitely not a natural color. I think she's hypnotizing Percy; there's no way he's ever like a girl like that," I heard all those things whilst walking to my first class. Man, I hated mortals.

​My first period class was English. I sat towards the middle of the room. On one side of me sat the girls who I absolutely despised. I had only been here one day and I already hated them. There were three of them, and they were enveloped in a cloud of perfume and body spray. They were all on their phones. Ugh.

​They were wearing the slutiest clothes I have ever seen. The first one, I think her name is Aubrey, sat in the middle. She was wearing a skin-tight skirt, that barely skimmed her upper thigh, and her shirt was practically a bikini top. Her stilettos would have given me vertigo, and her hair was dies platinum blonde. *barfs*

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