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Hello!! I'm Ryan and I hope you enjoy my story. (I'm a girl BTW). I own none of the characters- only Uncle Rick!




Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

I quickly slammed my alarm clock to the floor and continued to sleep. Until I heard my mom knock on the door and say," Percy, time to get up! You have school, remember?"

I dragged myself out of bed and went to the kitchen and ate some blue pancakes before driving to school. I parked my crappy car hoping that maybe, maybe, I wouldn't get bombarded with girls asking me out this morning. As usual, I was wrong.

"Percy!" I heard a sickly sweet girly voice that I had come to know too well for my liking.

"What do you want Aubrey?" I asked with obvious irritation.

"Oh, I just wanted to know if you wanted to go out on my family's yacht this weekend. They wanted me to bring my boyfriend!" She said. How dare she bribe a son of Poseidon with a boat.

"I'm not you boyfriend. I have a girlfriend! Besides, I don't want to go." I replied

"Percy, Percy, Percy. We all know you have an imaginary girlfriend!" she replied.

That did it. I just stormed inside and went to my locker.

I have four other friends at Goode; Gavin, Tanner, Harper, and Claire. Tanner and Harper are dating, and so are Gavin and Claire. Sometimes I feel like the fifth wheel, even though I have a girlfriend.

One the way in, three more girls asked me out, but is waved them off and continues to my locker.

"Dude, you're turning down all the hottest girls in school!" Gavin exclaimed when Claire wasn't around.

"You can't possibly be keeping up with this fake girlfriend thing!" Tanner continued.
"She's real though!" I told them.

"Whatever, I just applaud you photo-shop skills." Gavin concluded.

They both walked away with their arms around their girlfriends. And that left me missing Annabeth more than ever.

I'm so sorry this was so super short, but they will be longer in the future.
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