Chapter 9

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Basically the best day of school. Ever.

No monsters, no crazed teachers, and of course, my angel Annabeth.

Having all the other demigods come was genius.

No doubt that Annabeth had suggested it.

But, I knew a question hung in the air. A big question. No one wanted to ask it and the air became seemingly more uncomfortable by the second.

We all piled into Argus' van after school.

"Ummmm," Frank cleared began.

He cleared his throat, "Um, where are we going to stay?"

Every demigod erupted in whispers.

Argus started the van, beginning to pull away.

"Um, I guess we'll see?" I said, but mostly questioned.

I loved everyone in the van and all, but I didn't exactly want them all to staying at my tiny apartment with Paul.

I started to get anxious, fidgeting.

I played with my seatbelt, smoothed my shirt, anything.

Why could I be calm in battle but not in a car to an unknown destination?

I placed my arm around Annabeth and scanned our surroundings.

I didn't know which way we pulled out of the school because of my fidgeting.

Darn it.

We slowed down, and turned on a rather empty road.

We drove for a few miles before coming to stop at a private drive, complete with a gate.

There was not a single sound.

I looked at Jason, and we both had a silent agreement.

We jumped out and approached the gate.

I spotted the letter first.

It was in the mailbox, sticking out slightly.

Of course I noticed it because the envelope was gold.

​Dear demigods,
​​This is your new home! Each one of your godly parents has helped with the construction of the home, and we hope you'll enjoy it. You will live alone, and the place is undectable by monsters and other unwanted creatures. You'll find everything you need inside.
Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, Poseidon, Athena, Aphrodite, and Hephaestus

I gaped.

This was amazing.

I read it again to the rest of the demigods.

The mood had changed entirely.

We practically spreinted up the drive to the house.

My first impression:


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