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"Vanessa how dare you bring a stranger into our house." i told her.

"Stop lying to her an just tell her the truth" Angle told me annoyed.

"I don't know who you are so stop telling me what to say" i lied.

"MOM!!! just please tell me the truth" she told me.

"Fine" i said seriously.

"He is your father, but it was a mistake being with him" i told her.

"A mistake??? So your saying I'm a mistake" she added.

"Oh no honey i didn't mean it that way" i told her as i approached her.

"NO STOP!! you yell at me and have me grounded most of the time. You make me think Jacob is my actual father, when my actual father is this guy. And you call me a mistake................. Than what am i to you April?? " She told me.

The words she told were just so hurtful. I couldn't help but to cry. I fell on my knees and cried to her.

"I'm so sorry for everything. I shouldn't have never hided those secrets from you. I just didn't want to hurt you. You had just a fine relationship with Jacob i thought you might just accept his as if he was your real father. But him that" i said as i pointed at Angle.

"Angle........ He was a cheater" i told her.

"What?? " she questioned.

"What no you said it was fine, i told you April, we weren't even dating we were friends with benefits" He told us.

"Im so confused" Vanessa said.

"Yes and i told you to break up with your girlfriend before we had sex but you said no!!!!" i yell at him.

Angle began to cry also.

"I explained so many times on why i couldn't break up with her"

This whole arguing and confusion was making my head hurt and starting to get dizzy. Suddenly i fell to ground and my vision went pitched black.


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