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(second book of "My bad boy")
"Vanessa wake up and go to school your going to be late" i demanded her.

She woke up sat up madly.

"Ugh" she said to her self.

I closed her door to her room and made my way to Jacob who was in the kitchen drinking coffee.

"Good morning love" i told him as i walked in.

"Good morning sweetheart"

"Going to work today?" i asked.

"Yes but they changed my time to 9:30am."

"Oh, sense you go late to work can you take Vanessa to school please hun" i told him.

"Sure babe " he answered.

As Vanessa grew over these past years she's been looking a lot more like Angle. She's like a female version of him. I wonder where the hell he is right now. I never knew anything about him ever sense the day i told him to stop visiting Vanessa. I saw Vanessa about to leave and exit the house.

"Vanessa wait your father is going to take you today" i told her loud and clearly.

"Fine i wait for him" she said.

"Well i got to go, see you later" Jacob said as he stood up and gave me a kiss.

"Okay have a good day you two" i told them.

I went in the car with my dad and waited for him to start driving. I usually walk home and take my sweet time to come late to School. But sense i have a ride im going on time today. As he began to drive he began talking to me a whole lesson on why should i be good in school but as usual i always ignore those lessons. I really don't care about school. All i plan to do is to move in with my boyfriend after high school.

"Have a nice day Sweetheart" my dad told me.

"You too dad thanks for the ride" i said as i got off the car.

I made my way inside the school. I walked in to see many nerds on time. Ugh nerds but they are always good on doing your homework. I walked in into my first period which was physics.

"Wow your finally on time" Ms. Miranda told me.

"Well my dad had to drop me off" i replied.

The bell rang to go to class and all students began to walk in. As they were all seated the bell rang and we started class.

"Okay good morning class first to start off were going to have a project and this project will have to be whit a partner"

I looked over at Stacy as we made eye contact knowing that were going to be partners in this project.

"You will not choose your partner i will pair you up with someone so here is the list: Amber and Sofia
Stacy and Carlos
Vanessa and Austin ......"

Austin is in this class? He is so quiet i have no idea he's even here . I looked over at Austin he was looking at me but then quickly looked away as i looked at him. Fine ill work with him with just this project. Ill make him do all the work.

" this project will last at least three or four weeks so please sit next to your partner to discuss your topic"

Everyone began to move around. I stood and went to him.

Oh no my partner is the most popular and bad girl in school. Ugh i hope she don't make me do all the work. As she was coming her way to me i began to get nervous. She sat next to me as she slammed her books on the table.

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