Relationship Problems

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I woke up to a bright light flashing in my eyes.

"Wake up its 1 already" i heard my mom say.

I sat up and slowly tried to open my eyes. I looked for my phone and grabbed it as i found it. I look to see that i had a text message. It was a text from Chase.

Chase: Wanna hangout today???

Vanessa: I can't

Chase: Why?

Vanessa: I need to work on my project.

Chase: with that nerd again >:/

Vanessa: yes but one day will spend time together i promise.

Chase: ..... >:C

I really don't like getting him mad but he actually needs to stop being selfish. He needs to care for e for once. I Changed into my outfit for today (Picture above). I did my wavy and made my way to look for my mom. I saw that she was in the living room watching Criminal Minds.

"Mom i got to go to a friend's house to work on a project for school" i told her.

"Wow im pretty shocked your actually trying to improve on school, or is it just a lie so you can go off with your Boyfriend" my mom told me seriously.

"No mom i actually am going to work on a project, i don't wanna drop a grade or retake the class"
I told her.

"Okay but i wanna see at least a C on your report card, im tired of seeing F's and D's" she told me.

"Okay bye mom"

I exit my house and began walking away.

"Vanessa!!" i heard someone shout my name.

I turned to see Chase.

"What do you want??" i asked.

"Why the hell are you going? if we both well know your not that type of girl that cares on completing her projects" he told me.

"Well what if i told you i actually wanna graduate, i don't wanna be stuck in school again. As soon as i graduate i will be with you all the time you want okay??" i said annoyed.

"But thats a whole fucking year" he added.

"I know but im not going to be working on projects every day of the year there, will be some times where we will spend time together"

He came close to me and held my hand.

"I want to be with you like the old days, where we will always be together 24/7" he said as he gently held my chin up to make eye contact with him.

"Those old days will have to wait, and i think you could start caring about your grades now"

"Nah ill just drop out, why wouldn't you do that in the first place?" he asked.

"What? Drop out? I can't my mother and father would kill me if i do that. They wanna see me with a diploma by the end of the year"

"Fine tomorrow will hangout and no excuses" he told me.


"No butts whete hanging out tomorrow and that's it ill pick you up"

"Ill try"

"Let me take you to that Nerds place" he said as he held my hand.


He took me back to his car and got in as we made our way to Austin's place.

I heard someone's car parking. I looked out my window to see Vanessa and her dumb ass boyfriend. They made out for a very good amount of time. I backed away from the window. And made my way downstairs. I heard a knock and just waited i few minutes to open so she won't know i saw when she came. i now opened the door and let her in.

"Hi Austin" she said.


We went up stairs into my room and began working on our project as usual.
As time passed by i heard Vanessa's stomach growling for food. I turn to look at her as she checked paper work out.

"Umm Vanessa are you hungry?" i asked.


"Yes you are i heard your stomach" i told her.

"Fine maybe i am a little"

"here let's go see what's downstairs to eat" i told her as i stood up.

She followed along as we went down to the kitchen. I looked on the fridge to see some pumpkin pie.

"You like pumpkin pie?" i asked her.


I got the whole pie on the table and got us both a slice.

"Thank you"

"Your welcome"

As i took a bite out of my pie i looked at her to see that she had her eyes on something.

"What are you looking at?" i asked as i raised an eyebrow.

I looked back to see that she was staring at the Poptarts on too of the fridge.

"Nothing" she finally replied as she ate her pie.

"Do you want a poptart?" i questioned.

"YESS!!! ...... I mean yes"

I smiled at her and got up to get the tarts and gave them to her.


"I see you love poptarts"

"Well yeah ill never get tired of them"

I never actually noticed that Girls look beautiful with a smile on their face. I've always wanted to see my crush smile but im just to shy to even look up at her. And guess what my crush us Vanessa's Best friend Stacy. Should i just tell Vanessa to help me get at her. But what if she laughs at me for hitting on her best friend.

"What are you thinking about?" She said as she made me brake out of my thoughts.

"Umm nothing really" i lied.

"Come on tell me i might help"

"Well..... I like this girl and i just really don't know how to talk to her." i let it out making her let out a small laugh.

I knew it.

"Well that is very cute of you, well just be brave and tell her, also may i know who this special girl is??" she questioned making me nervous.



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