Flirt alert

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(2 weeks later)
Another project is going on and this time is going to last a week. I was now at Austin's house working on some homework. His eye got better and sense Chase broke up with me he's been looking at me so rude also to Austin. Is not like were dating or anything he is just helping me out.

"Do you know what the cold war was? " i asked him.

" The Cold War is the name given to the relationship that developed primarily between the USA and the USSR after World War 2" he replied.

"Wow your smart but can you please slow down" i said as i smiled.


He gave me the answer and i was done with my History homework.

"Austin can i ask you a question?" i asked him.


"Well i been to your house a lot and i never got to meet your mom. Where is she?" i asked.

"She on L.A right now for her job, she going to be there for 3 years. i miss her though " he said.

"oh im sorry i should of never ask"

"No is fine you didn't know that" he told me.

"Well at least you have people here who love you, like your brother, father and your girlfriend." i told him.

"Girlfriend?" he questioned.

"Yeah what about it?"

"I've never had.......... A girlfriend"

"Your kidding right?"

"Nooo........ " he said as he left us in awkward silence.

"Well why not?" i asked.

"I don't know i just think im not as attractive to girls"

"Don't say that girls will find you attractive"

Like i do to you.

"you really think so"

"Yeah....... So that means you have virgin lips? " i asked awkwardly.

"Yes..... "

"And your also a virgin?"

"...... Yeah.... "

"Do you want a girlfriend?"

"I guess i been lonely sometimes"

"No your not you have me" i said as punched his shoulder playfully.

I earned his beautiful smile as his blue eyes shine as they stared at me.

"You've always been" he added.

"And i will always be at any time you need me" i told him as i began to get closer at him.

He backed away a few scoots. I was about to fall off my chair because i keep scooting to him.

"Ummmm. .... Uh" he said nervously.

"What want me to teach you how to kiss? " i asked him.

"Ummmm....... Vanessa...... Your to close" he said as he backed away.

He fell off his chair as he pulled my arm to hold on but made me fall on top of him. We stared at each others eyes. He's just so adorable when he gets nervous.

"Ummm.... what are you doing?" he asked confused as i slowly took off his glasses.

I put his glasses to a side and lean down for a kiss. I kissed him as i began to feel my cheeks get hot.

She kissed me she's my first kiss. Have she been having feelings for me this whole time we spent together? I began to blush as i had my eyes open during the kiss. Her eyes were closed as i could see her shinny curvy eyelashes. He slowly backed away. We both made eye contact. She was still on top of me as i sat up. She leaned in closer.......

"AUSTIN MY DAD....... " i heard my brother yell as he walked on us.

We were so close to each other as she sat on top if me. We both looked at my brother.

"Oh uh sorry didn't mean...... "

"No is fine i was going to leave anyways" She said as she got off me and stood up.

I grabbed my glasses and put them on.

"Bye Austin" She said as she grabbed her stuff and rushed out my room.

My brother looked back at me a gave me a creepy smile.

"What?? " i questioned.

"You guys were doing the naughty huh? " he asked.


"Then why she was on top of you and very close to you?? "

"Well she tripped and fell on top of me" i lied.

"Mhmm? Well my dad said that in 15 more minutes were going to buy my dad a new battery for his car" he told me.

"Okay ill be there"

He smiled and left my room as he closed the door behind him. I can't believe Vanessa kissed me. The bad girl in school kissed a nerd!!!???


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