Mad at each other

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(That's Austin in the picture above)
I was making my way to class. As i was about walk in to class Vanessa bump into me so hard as she stormed out the class and walked away. I entered class awkwardly and sat on my seat. Did she find out already? Well i really do hope Ms. Miranda changes our partners. I got my stuff and waited for class to start.
(end of class)
Walked the class as soon as the bell rang. I made my way to class outside in a portable and that's when i met up with her. Ugh just walk away dont even talk to me.

"Austin!!!!! i find out that im stuck with you for the rest of the school year" she told me as she was pissed off.

"I know, i also told Ms. Miranda to get me another partners causs i don't wanna be with you" i told her.

She got more mad.

"Ugh i dont like you ether im not going to work with you today!!!" she raised her voice at me and then walked away.

I began to smile and laugh. I dont know why i find it funny. I rushed my way to my next class and tried to forget what just happened.
(End of school)

I went to Ms. Miranda again.

"Ms. Miranda please change my partner i dont wanna be near Austin" i said irritated.

"Look i know you already know the answer to my question and i also know that you won't help Austin with the project, but if Austin tells me you didn't help at all im afraid i might have to fail you off this class."

"UGH i......... But what if i don't pass ill just have to take in college." i told her.

"No this class is required to pass in order to graduate and get your diploma" she told me.

"It would be so embarrassing knowing that you had to take the 12 grade again." she added.

I walked out her class. Ugh i just feel like ugh.

I worked on MY!! project. If Vanessa is not helping then im going to get all the credit. But to be honest i do need help, its to much work. I heard knock on my door.

"Come in" i said loudly as i still had my eyes on the screen.

"Umm Son There's a girl down stairs waiting for you, she said her name is Vanessa" my dad told me.

As soon as i heard her name i o
Put a serious face.

"ill be down there in a sec dad" i told him.

"Okay son" he said as i heard the door close.

After a few minutes like about 5 or 3 i made my way down to the living room. I saw her waiting on the couch as she had her legs crossed and moved them side to side.

"May i help you?" i told her as i caught her attention.

"can we talk?" she said innocently.

"Fine" i said as i signal her to follow me.

She got up and followed me to my room. I made her sit down on a chair and i saw across from her.

"Talk" i told her.

"Look i might of been a bit over reacting the other time but i talked to Ms. Miranda and she told me if i wasn't part of this project i would have to retake her class next year and maybe drop a grade, and i don't want that so can you give me another chance and just let me help you." she told me.

"I don't know your Boyfriend is always keeping you away from your work" i added.

"Well ill try to make him stoping me and focus on our work, but i promise ill help on our projects together" she begged.

Wow never had a girl beg to me about something. I smirked to myself.

"Fine your back in" i told her.

"Thank you" she said.

I made her write questions down and read them to me and mostly spent all day working on OUR project.

"Will work on more tomorrow" he said.


i looked at the time to see it was 8pm. I quickly got up.

"Shit i got to go" i said.

"Ummm do you want me take you?" he asked shyly.

"Walking??" i asked.

"No i could use my brothers car" he told me.

"You drive?"

"yeah but not all the time"

"Please" i told him.

"Let's go" he said.

I followed along to a room he opened. I saw that it was his brothers room. It was such a mess. Clothes everywhere spoiled food on the tables. Ugh i actually prefer Austin's Room.

"Andy can i borrow your car? i need to drop her off her house" he asked politely.

"Sure, my keys are by the TV" he said as he pointed at them.

Austin went to get them as his brother was staring at me as if i was a stranger. He came back to me and we made our way to his brothers car which is a silver ferrari. My eyes couldn't believe what they were seeing. Are they fucking rich or something. I slowly made my way to the car. He open the door for me and i got in as he closed it behind me. As he got in i was admiring the beauty of the car. He started it and all orange lights lit up. Wow i just can't.

"So where do you live?" he asked.
I told him and he had put it in the Gps. He took me home very fast on the car. We got outside my house and i opened the door.

"Thanks" i said as i got out.

"No problem, have a nice Night" he said back.

I got in my house and just waited for my mom to yell at me for being late.

Wow i can't believe im actually getting along with a bad girl. And bad people with smart people don't get along. All the time we worked with each other she smiled and talked nicely to me. I don't really think she is that way. Maybe she's using me. Who knows. I drove back home and went straight to my room. I laid in my bed all tired not wanting to do a single thing. I closed my eyes and passed out.

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