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I got out the school building and just wanting to go home already. I crossed the street and walked down the block. Suddenly someone held my hand from behind.  I turned around quickly to see a strange man. A man i have never seen in my life.

"Let go" i said as i tried getting his hands off mine. 

But he would not let go. 

"Vanessa?? " He whispered loud enough.

I suddenly stopped trying and just stared at him in shock. How the hell dose he know my name? 
"who the hell are you? And do you know my name?" i asked terrified.

He began to cry.  What the hell is going?? 

"Vanessa you have grown so much" he said. 

We made eye contact and could not believe my eyes.  This man looks so much like me but different gender. 

"WHO ARE YOU!!???" i yelled as i finally got him off me. 

"Im your father " he told me.

What no that can't be true.  He is just some kinda on crazy stranger. 

"No i have a Dad, your not my dad." i told him.

"Your mother April married Jacob, didn't she? " he asked me. 

How the fuck dose he know all this? 

"That's none of your business"

"Stop i know your whole life story i know your families life story, i love your mother more than i every knew i would. Your my daughter. I don't know if you still have the necklace you had on your first birthday. I gave you that because i love you so much. Your mother and i were fighting at that time and she didn't allow me to visit you all these years. But i have finally seen you again after all these years. " he told me. 
I want to cry at some point.

"My mom said my dad gave me that necklace"

"Yes that dad is me your real father" he said. 


"Yes just look at me, we look so much like each other you have my eyes and nose. You have your mothers smile" he said. 

"If you actually know my mother. Do you know why she doesn't get along with a girls mother? The girl is named Samantha she goes to the same school as me.  " i asked. 

"Yes Samantha she's  my sister's daughter. Your mom and my sister never got along"

"So your saying Samantha is my cousin???? " i asked shocked.


"Wait....... Come with me" i told him as i was going to take him to my house.

"We can take my motorcycle" he said. 


"MOM I WANT THE TRUTH NOW!!! " i yelled as i walked in the house.

I had caught her full attention.

"Why the hell are you walking in the house  that way,  and what do you mean by that? " i questioned.

I could not believe my eyes.  Is that Angle. My yaw dropped.

"Is this man my actual father?" Vanessa asked as i still had my eyes on Angle.


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