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I ditched school and walked my way to Austin's house. I just wanted to see how he was doing. I finally got there and made my way to his front door. I knocked on it a few times. A older man opened the door which was his father.

"May i help Vanessa? " he asked me.

"I came to see how was Austin" i told him.

"You can come in he's on his bedroom " he told me.

"Thank you"

I walked in and made my way to his room. I slowly opened his door to see him with a big piece of Steak on his eye as he laid in bed. The door make a noise and he looked at me in shock.

"Vanessa what are you doing here? Go back to school" he told me.

"No Austin i just came to check on you, how you feeling? " i asked.

"A bit better " he added.

I sat on his bed as i look to see that he had a busted lip and Im guessing a black eye too.

"Why would you do such a thing for me? " i told him.

"Cause your.............. my friend"

"But.... Im mean" i said sadly.

"But your still human and all humans have feelings" he said.

"i feel like it's all my fault" i said as i looked down.

I saw that he was holding my hand. I looked up to stare at his beautiful blue eyes.

"Is not your fault, i choose to save your life" he said as he delivered me a weak smile.

"How could i ever repay you? You have been so sweet to me "

"Just start focusing on school okay??"

"Haha okay i will try"

He had a small smile on his face.

"Soo? Why did Chase get mad at you? " he questioned.

"Well he got jealous that i was hanging out with you all the time so he tried to break up with me. And we got into a argument." i answered.

"Is not my fault it was Ms. Miranda she made us be partners and also had lots of projects to work on this year. " he told me.

"I know but im glad i got to know about you" i told him.

"Your not as much of a bad girl as i thought you would" he told me.

"Well im not mean to my friends only to strangers" i added.

He gave me a weak smile.

"So we are friends?" he asked.

"Yes, we are"

Sorry for the short chapter.

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