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"Mom calm down i just ........went out with a few friends" i told her terrified.


"I know i was wrong im sorry"


"Yes mother i understand" i told her.

She glared at me deeply and walked away. Gosh that was close. If she finds out i was with Chase she would murder him. I walked down the hall to my room and locked the door behind me. Now changing the subject i hate the fact that there's school tomorrow. Ugh and i still need to work on that stupid project with Austin. I hope this day goes slow.

(next day)
"So are you going to help at all??" He questioned me.

"If you tell me what to do"

"Well i will if you just pay attention"

RING!!!! RING!!!

The bell rang and i got up my seat to just leave.

"Vanessa wait!" Austin told me as he was behind me.

"What?" i said as i rolled my eyes.

"Were going to work on this after school"

"ugh can you do it on your own" i said annoyed.

"You said you could work on a Friday night so that's what were going to do" he told me.

"Fine ill wait for you after school" i told him.

"Okay ill be on the front" he said as he left the class.

I rolled my eyes and just slowly walked my way out of class.

(After School)
I made my way to Austin up front.

"let's go" i told him.

I followed him as we walked to his place. I looked at him to see that he was pretty tall. Have a mention Tall guys are a turn on for me.

"So Austin have you always been a nerd your whole life??" i questioned him.

"Yes, what about you? How do you describe yourself as?" he questioned me.

"Well im obviously the bad girl and popular girl in school" i told him proudly.

"Hehe good to know" he said in a sarcastic way.

"Easy sarcastic" i told him seriously.

We walked for so long that we finally made to his very CLEAN and huge house.

"Wow, your place is nice" i told him.


He opened the door and it was the cleanest and most neat place i ever been.

"My room is up stairs" he told me.

I followed along and as we got to the second floor some other guy was here.

"Oh Austin tell mom im going to soccer practice" he told him.


I looked at both of them and they looked so identical. Are they .........
We made it to his room and he locked the door behind him.

"One question, Who was that guy??" i told him.

"My brother?"

"you guys are twins?"



He sat on his little office and began going through his laptop. I took a look around to see many medals and rewards. Wow he is A huge nerd.

"Vanessa please come and read me the questions" he told me.

I made my way to him and grabbed the paper with the questions on it. I told him the question and he instantly searched for it.

"Soo Austin i see you been winning lots of medals"

"Yeah i get bored of always winning" he said as he had his eyes glued to the laptop screen.

"Then why don't you just give up?"

"I can't i have to make my parents proud" he said.

He's just wasting his time. To be honest he is not as annoying as other nerds i been working with.

"Here's a notebook write down the answer for the question" he demanded me as he gave me the notebook.

"I don't feel like doing anything to be honest" i told him.

He looked at me in my eyes. his eyes were just so beautiful and clear. His bright blue eyes. I just had baby blue like a greyish color.

"What do you mean you don't feel like it? Your going to do it" he demanded me .

"What makes you the right to speak to me like that?" i told him.

"Well your my partner so your going to work with me. There is no way im doing all this on my own" he told me.

"But what if i didn't wanted to be with you in the first place!!!" I said loudly.

"Well is not my fault. I didn't want to be with you ether!!!" he said as he raised his voice at me.

"Well im going to talk to Ms. Miranda about this!!!" i shouted at him as i stood up and threw his notebook on the floor.

"Good luck with that" he said as he went back to his work.

I grabbed my stuff and slammed the door behind me as i exit his room. I made my way down stairs and exit his house. Fuck im lost just great. I began to a random path furiously. He has got me fucked up.

She grabbed her stuff and slammed the door behind her. I stayed serious and still. Gosh i wonder how she will react when she finds out im her partner for the rest of the school year. Ugh i hate her so darn much. I continued the work all on my own and just tried to finish as much as i can.
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