Next day

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I was in school and i just wonder how Vanessa will react when she sees me. Talking about her here she come.

"Hi Austin " she said as she walked by.

"Hi... " i replied confused.

She sounded like nothing happened between us. I looked back at her as i still walked forward. I turned my head back when u bumped into someone.

"Oh sorry" i said as her text books fell to the ground.

I got down in one knee to help her. I look up to see her gorgeous eyes. Is she new here?
We both stood up and i gave her the books back.

"Oh im sorry" i told her again.

"Is fine no worries" she said kindly as she instantly smiled.

It was kinda awkward moment cause i didn't move at all.

"So what's your name? " She asked.

"A.... Austin" i said as i got distracted from her beauty.

"Im Samantha Turner, nice meeting you" she said.

"You....... Too"

"Well im new here, mind showing me around? " she asked.
She was always smiling. Her smile was just so beautiful. And her eyes really went well with her skin tone.

"Ummmm hello.... " she questioned.

" Oh yeah sorry sure follow me" i said nervously.

I showed her to her class and told her i was going to show her around some more after her class. She is just so sweet and pretty. My type of girl.

I was in class fooling around like always. The late bell was about to ring when Austin ran in just in time. He rushed to his seat which was next to me.

"Wow what made you come a minute before the bell rang? " i asked him as i chewed gum.

"well i was showing a new girl around " he told me.

"....... Oh...... " i replied.

"I see your not shy no more" i added.

"Well she talked to me" he answered.

"oh...... Is she cute? " i asked.

"She's perfect"

"There's no such thing as a perfect girl" i told him seriously.

"Well.... i think she is"

Why all the sudden I changed my attitude towards him? And i kinda did feel awkward cause I kissed him yesterday. Ugh what did i do that for. He is going to think i have feelings when i actually don't. Maybe? well i don't fucking know i'm confused.
class started and can't wait till it ends.
It was lunch time and i just hanged out with my group of friends where there is usually two guys in the group.

"wow Vanessa someone trying to steal your man" my friend Sandy told me as she pointed at some one.

I looked back to see Austin with the new girl. The whole group began to laugh.

"he is just a friend i wouldn't date him" i said.

"Oh yeah sure" she said.

"Easy sarcastic" i told her.

If they only knew i kissed him yesterday.

I sat next to her at a bench as i helped her with some history. She had a hand on her cheek as she smiled at me. Fuck am i blushing already.

"Your verh smart that is so attractive on a guy" she said.

"Thanks" i said as i looked down.

"Aww how cute your blushing" she said.

"Oh no" i said to my self.

"Cute" she added.

Is she flirting with me? I don't know how to flirt? Honestly.

"Austin? One question i know this out of the topic but........ Have you ever had a girlfriend?" she asked.

Is she already making her move in the first day we met?


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