Long time no see

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" Ill answer that later" i told her.

"Oh okay, but i have you in science class do you want to be my partner?" she asked.

"Uh ... I already have a partner"

"Oh really who? "

"Her " i said as i pointed at Vanessa.

"oh" she said seriously.


"Why her? "

What's her problem is she already that deeply in love with me.

"I didn't choose her the teacher just put me with her, I didn't want to in the first place." i told her.

"Oh you can't change? "

"No i tried many times"

*bell rings*
"Well see after school" she said as she stood up.

"Here ill walk you" i told her.


(1 week later)
I was walking in to my physics class. I about to go to my seat when.

"Austin you don't sit there no more" Ms. Marinda told me.

I turned around as i looked confused.

"Where do I sit then?" i asked.

"Oh you sit next to Samantha, i just really think you could help her a lot Since she's new" she told me.


I made my way to Samantha and sat next to her as i smiled at her.

You got to be kidding me. Is he leaving me because of her. Not fair he actually helps me get my work done. Class began and i could see Her giggling with Austin. I never thought Austin would be that funny? I did my work and i could not stop looking at them. Ugh i just think she is bad news.

"So i was planning to go to a Rave this weekend. would you like to come?, just the two of us" she asked me.

"What's a rave? " i asked.

She let out a giggle and smiled.

"Is a concert where you can dance to techno music and there is so much you can do" she told me.

A concert? Never been to one or with someone.

"So what do you say?? " she asked.

"Sure" i said confused.

"Great ill let you know when on friday" she said.

Well i can't wait to go to that concert.

I was waiting for Vanessa to get out from school. As i heard the bell rang she came out of the school building.

"hi mom" she said.

"Hi honey how was school?"

I look up to see my wort enemy
Sam from high school. She made eye contact with me and she just glared at me. I rolled my eyes at her.

"Mom?? You know her? " Vanessa asked me.

"Yes honey but is not impor-"

"Well look who we have here" i heard Sam's voice.

God how much i hate to hear her annoying voice again.

"What Do You want? " i asked seriously.

She looked at Vanessa then at me.
"She looks nothing like you, she looks more like Ang-"

"DON'T EVEN DARE!!! " i yelled at her as i warned her.

"Mom what are you doing" a teenage girl came to Sam.

Ah so this is her daughter huh?

Ugh don't tell me that new girl is that woman's daughter.

"Look i have no time for you i got to go" my mom told her as we walked away.

"ANGEL IS SO OVER YOU!!! " she yelled causing my mom to get more mad.

"Mom what is she saying is there something I don't know" i told her as i stopped walking.

She turned around and looked at me.

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