Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

"Daddy I love you, you can't leave me!" I cried into my dad's arms.

"I don’t want to baby, but I have to. When you get a mate you will see how much you love them. I love you so much, but your mother is not my mate." My dad said.

"Will you visit me?" I asked with much hope as any 5 year old could have..

"I will." He said with tears in his eyes. He said them like he wished he could but something was stopping him.

"Daddy say it. I want to hear you say it."

"I will come and visit you as soon as I can." He promise me. Still with tears in his eyes, though he was too strong to let them fall.

"Wake up baby, we are nearly there." I heard a deep sexy voice say. "Wake up babe." He said again. I opened my eyes to look into some light green eyes that I knew belonged to Cole. I blinked to clear my vision. We were still in the car on the way to see my father. After I had that last memory of him, I did not know what to say to him anymore. I lost all my confidence. I just wanted to see him again and to find out why he left me. And the 5 year old wanted to know why he broke his promise. Alec was his name. I tried never to forget it. When I was five I always wanted to remember thinking he would come back.

"We're nearly at the castle. We will be meeting your father there." Cole brought me out of my thoughts. It was a long drive. It was from London to lake district. The English royal family picked that location because it is surrounded by nature and beauty. It has more land to run around. It was one that stood out from the rest of England.

"Okay, Wow, this is  beautiful." I said. Lake district was a British werewolf  perfect place. Britain did not have miles of  dense areas with forest and trees.  Being here was so amazing, we could run for miles enjoying the pure bliss of  freedom. Most of us came here for camping to do so. This beauty could not compare to London in any way. I have never been down here. Mum never took me. Actually, dad took me when I was three, one of the best memories with him. He always went without me and my mother, I never knew why, but mum was okay with it. Those were the times I missed him. Before he left completely. Cole who was in the back with me seemed to realise something was not right about me and put a hand on mine, rubbing circles around the back of the. It made me feel much better. I wanted to touch Chris but he was driving and I don’t  think it would be smart for me to distract him.

"We are here." Chris said and I beheld the beautiful sight before me. It was magnificent. We were driving up to the castle. It grew  and we came closer. This was the main castle so it was big. It looked beautiful. It looked like a classic castle, but with a modernised twist to it. It was lovely. 

We parked the car in the parking lot and walked hand in hand in hand to the door. I was in the middle of course. It felt as if I was the centre of their lives. My wolf rejoiced in the though. I was smiling at her happiness. Even in a time like this my wolf would do her best to cheer me up. My mates helped.

I brought Cole's lips to mine, enjoying the sparks that were set ablaze, and then kissed Chris, who ignited something inside me. I wanted to carry on with the kisses so much that I nearly forgot what we were here to do. I broke away from Chris blushing. "Thank you so much. Please don’t let go of me hands in there. I need you both." I said, "Your touch." I whispered.

"Wouldn’t dream of it babe." Cole said. I loved it when they called me babe. It felt right, not like those jerks at school who always hit on me, calling me 'babe' as if it's going to make me fall to my knees in front on them.

We rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer. The door was opened by someone in a maid outfit. She had a kind and lovely face. I could tell she was a ware. "Cole and Chris Prince. Welcome, I will let Alec and the king know you are here. I'm supposed to bring you to the study when you arrive. This way." She led the way. The palace was beautiful and I've never seen such marvellous place. This was like a dream house. I hope my new home in Lock Hart will be as beautiful as this.

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