Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

I bowed me head and curtseyed to the king and queen. Their presence told me I was standing in the midst of powerful and influential people. The king still had an emotionless look on his face, while the queen looked at me with a welcoming smile.

"Hello father, mother." I watched at Chris kissed his mothers cheek, and Cole shook is fathers hand. Then Chris shook his father's hand and Cole kissed the opposite cheek of his mother. I was still standing before them, watching the strange exchange. Eleanor came to me and embraced me into a hug. I stood shocked for a while, but then hugged her back.

"Come with me, I'll show you around your new home." Eleanor said. "Nice to have you back boys." She said to her sons while pulling me out of the room. I looked back to see them smiling at me reassuringly, and I smiled back. We went out of the alpha's office.

"It's nice to meet you. I wished to have met you a few days ago when your father got crowned, but me and my husband could not make it." She told me, we were walking arm in arm.

"Same to you. The anticipation of coming here was drowning me, I could not wait to come to Lock Hart. It's so different here." I told her with a smile, which she returned.

"We would have to welcome you into the pack soon. Everyone in lock Hart and around the world wants to know who you are. They already know you are the daughter of the king of England, but they do not know why you are here.  It will be very public. The celebration will be of me and Josh leaving the throne and Cole and Chris taking it, as well as them finding their mate. It will be a be an extraordinary celebration. Well, until the wedding." She told me. My cheeks reddened, but I did not reply to that thought.

"When will this all take place?" I asked her.

"This is the kitchen." I gasp, it was massive, and they were chefs everywhere, as if preparing for a big event. "It will take place tomorrow, by God's grace." She told me making me gasp. "Don't worry, everything will be sorted by then. Your family is going to arrive in the morning, I think your mother will stay a while after to help you transition into your role." I was shocked; she noticed and look my hands into hers.

"I know it sound overwhelming, but I will be here to help you every step of the way. You have not had training yet, but you were born to be the queen. You have it in your blood, as well as the blood of a princess. You carry yourself well. I will help you whenever you need it." She told me, and then embraced me in a much needed hug.  "They should be done talking now. Sorry about Joshua, he may take a while to warm up." She said with a smile. She looked so in love with him.

I took a deep breath. "Let's go then." I said with a smile that reassured her I was alright.

When we entered the room, the three men were laughing, the happiness shone through their eyes. I looked at Eleanor and noticed that she saw the same thing I did. The coldness of the room was no longer there. The father and sons reunited after a while of being apart. They all looked happy. Eleanor let go of my arm, and went over to her husband, and started to massage his shoulders. I went over to my mates, and sat in the middle of them, only to find Chris hands on my waist to bring me onto his lap, Cole took my hand into his and kissed it smiling. I started to blush at the affection they gave me in front of their parents. I buried my head in Chris's shoulder and heard the king chuckle.

"Take her to your room sons, show her around a bit. I'm sure your mother did more talking than showing her around." He said making his wife slap his arm lightly and laugh. We started to get up. "Nice to meet you Dominica, call me Joshua or Josh." He said standing up embracing me into a warm hug. Eleanor's face was shocked; my mates had the brightest smiles. He released me and smiled.

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