Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

I was lying down; I guess it was in a deep sleep, I wanted to wake up. I wanted to open my eyes, I could not hear anything, I could feel the sheets under my hands, I tightened my grip on them. I could not feel my body, I know something was wrong. I tightened y grip, and I felt the wind pick up, I felt water droplets fall on my skin in an arrogant manner. I gripped the sheets tighter, and gasped loudly through my mouth, which got me lurching forward. I fell back to the sheets and my hearing came back. I heard shuffling around my body. Chaos took place all around me and I tried to pry my eyes open.

"Nica, babe you need to wake up." Cole's voice said to me.

"Calm your elements; the wind is blowing everything away." Chris said with urgency. "Breathe babe. Just take deep breaths." He said. I tried to follow his instructions. My eyes were still closed. My sharp breathing turned to slow ones. My mates held on to my hands and they brought comfort with every touch.

"what happened?" I asked blindly.

"She's still alive." Cole said.

I started bawling out. This was supposed to be over. My breathing became short and erratic. The wind blew around me. I heard a glass shake, I guess it had water in it. The more I did this, the stronger I felt, but also the weaker. I could feel the energy strain, I was beginning to feel tired.

"Nica! Breathe!" my mates shouted over the ruckus I was creating. I complied, I had no energy left. She had drained me.

"We have her, and the man. They are in the dungeons, never getting out. They will be sentenced to death for harming the queen and her pups. She will be put to justice. But you need to stay calm. Just breathe babe." Cole said to me. She was locked away? Does that mean I am safe? What about my baby.

"She is gone. You don’t have anything to worry about, everything is fine."

"What about my babies?" I shouted with exclamation. I needed to know they are fine and safe, they had to be. I felt pain in the back of my head, I guess where I fell, but the pain was easing up. I guess it was my wolf's way of ensuring the baby's do not feel my pain.

"They are fine. Do not stress Nica. If you do, they would react to it." Cole said. "You need rest."

"I forgot she gave me an injection. Would our children die?" I asked him, scared of the answer. I did not want to hear it, but I needed to know.

"No, your pregnant wolf helped to push the silver out of your body. It made you stronger. The dosage was not big enough to do you harm, and the harm it done your wolf protected our babies from it." Cole said.

"Heather did this. She told me she gave Sarah something. I guess this was it." I said. I must have sounded broken. All the things I have gone through. They were not easy to forget.

I wrapped my arms around my stomach, and felt Chris's arms pulling me to his chest. He carried me back to our room. I guess it was the same night. I was in the same clothes from the BBQ. He laid me on the bed once inside. He took my clothes off and his. He held me to his naked body. I felt safe. His body gave me warmth. I felt the bed dip on the other side and opened my eyes to look at Cole from the spooning position I had with Chris. His body was also naked. My eyes raked over him. He came levelled with my stomach, placing kisses around where the bumps would show in a few weeks. Werewolf pregnancy only lasted four months, and the majority of the time, there were more than one. I felt happy as he trailed kisses all over my naked body. The softness of his lips had me closing my eyes.

"Go to sleep baby mamma." Chris whispered his was breath behind my neck. I followed his wishes, closing my already fluttering eyes and drifting off to the feeling of kisses tenderly burning my skin.

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