Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

I wanted to stay in my bed for the whole of Saturday. I did not eat either. Didn’t feel well, Cole and Chris tried to cheer me up with kisses, I wanted to keep them in my bed for the whole day, but that was selfish. I knew I had to be in there for my father tomorrow evening. Where else would I be, but in all honesty I was upset with him and my mother for lying to me. Knowing that Sarah was not my mother and the things she did to me, it hurt; I was in the hands of a Stanger and I'm scarred for it.

"Nica, you can't stay in bed all day, we can get out of here if you want." Cole said placing tiny kisses on my shoulder, his arms around my waist. While Chris was playing in my hair, my head resting on his well toned chest.

"Maybe a run will help you? I don’t like seeing you this way, and not being able to help you…" Chris said. I needed to get out of there; a run will help me sort out my emotions. I forgive my parents, but I have not come to turns with who I am.

"A run sounds good." I only replied in short sentences; I could tell it hurt them. "I'm sorry; your right a run will help." I said with a small smile. It’s the only emotion I've showed all morning. I removed the covers from my body and got out of bed showing determination to get out of this room, as much as I wanted to jump back under the covers. I went into the ensuite washed my face and brushed my teeth. Cole was behind me holding my waist softly, and looking into my eyes through the mirror. When I was done, he wiped the face dry with the towel gently. When he was done, he walked me into the room. Chris took my small waist so I was facing towards him. He put the vest top over my head and then went to freshen up with Cole, leaving me to finish dress myself. I took off my short shorts pyjama bottoms and exchanged them for my joggers which were set out for me on the bed. They came out of the bathroom dressed and took my hand in theirs. We walked through the castles; they took me a route which avoided my parents which I was happy for.

 As soon as we reached the garden, they took me to the back out of anyone's view, where we stripped. I focus on my wolf form, thinking of my body transforming into the wolf inside. I felt my body change; It was not a painful transformation. My mates were bigger than me; they were majestic wolves soon to be king. Of course they were bigger than me. They had pure black fur; their eyes were green, one dark and one lighter shade just like in their human form. They were handsome. They came to me and licked my fur and my face in an affectionate way, which made me lean into their touch. My wolf loved the feeling and didn’t want to be anywhere else.

"You ready." Cole's pure silky voice said in my mind. My wolf early fell to the floor at the sound.

"Yeah." I nodded.

"Just stop when you are tired, we will be with you."  Chris voice sent shivers through my wolf.  I went to them and licked their cheeks, brushing my fur against them; my white fur against their royal black. I took off into the forest. Passing them though I knew they were holding back.

I let my mind wonder back to theses few days. I jumped over roots, ran around the beautiful trees that surrounded the castle. I thought about how my Anne was my mom, and how it must have hurt her to give me away. Giving me to a stranger, who abused me after treating me well, up until my father left must have hurt. Not knowing where I am because Sarah took me away from my father, which led me to live my life on the run, not trusting anyone. I felt bad for feeling hurt, when it must have hurt more to lose your baby.

Then I thought about my father, when he left me it must have broken his heart. He knew my mother could not have come with him to visit me. Being the only parent to see my, and holding in his emotions to spare his wife. I stopped running, curled up in a ball and let the tears flow. My mates came to a halt when they noticed I'd stop. They encircled me, lying down on the grass and dry leaves, protecting me from any harms because I was vulnerable. Their fur against mine brought comfort, and warmed my cold body. 

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