Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

I loved the feeling of waking up to my mates. It made me feel good that I could be in someone's arms, to feel the warmth and tingles that shoot through my body in reassurance of them being there. it is great to wake up with someone you love, and not have the fear that they have been taken away from you. Well that is how I woke up. Between Cole and Chris who brought me warmth in this cold room. Their body heat did wonders for my body. It was a feeling of comfort I loved and enjoyed.

Today I was going to get to know my brothers better. I wonder if they found their mates. I wonder if they are the kind of boys that treats girls with respect, I wonder if they will be good kings, I wonder if they will have the same mates. Those thought ran through my mind as soon as I woke up. Don't get me thinking about my ne step mother, father and grandmother. It's like getting to know a group of people I never thought I would see. If someone told me my father was part of the royal family, and so were my mates I would probably slap them at the back of the head and tell them to wake up. A few days has passes, and all this has happened, it is a lot to get use to.

"Morning." Chris said.

"How did you know I was awake?"I asked him.

"Your breathing and heart rate speeds up when you realise where you are and then slows down." Cole replied.

"We just thought we will let your thoughts carry you on for a while." Chris said.

"I'm done, I want to get dressed to go see my brothers." I told them. They laughed at me eagerness. I smiled at the thought of meeting my brothers. Then the questions flooded my mind again.

"I guess she is not done thinking" I heard Chris whispered to Cole.

 "I can hear you." I whispered back. "Let's go get dressed. Wait where are my clothes?" I asked them.

"we asked the hotel to send them over, they should be here already. You go take a shower and they would be here when you finished." Chris told me with a smile. I really did love the Prince twins. I did not want to say after 3 days of knowing them. I just wanted to seem like I thought about it, and not just rushed into it. I wanted to make sure. Of course they are my mates, and mates feel a strong love towards each other, I just want that love to flourish before I can tell them I love them.

"Okay, I will take my time." I wished they could take one with me. Be there to smoothly and comfortingly scrub my body. Damn I was aroused. And they could sense it. I could tell by looking at their frozen stances. They were holding tightly to the bed sheets, hoping it was like a chain tying them down. Their jaws were tight and they seemed like they had a hard time breathing. Oops. Not good, I need to get out.

Climbing over them seemed like a good idea initially, but not so good. One leg was at one side of Chris body and the other, was the other side of him. Okay he was between my legs, simple. Well not simple. This made the situation hotter as I could feel his hardness pressing into me. Oops I thought once again. My cheeks turned fiery after as my mind thought ahead of what my body, and thoughts of what could be done in this position crowded my mind. Damn I think I am in heat. I need to get away. Looking into Coles eyes I was stuck, his eyes held me captive. The greenest of them had my wolf going wild. My virgin mind could not keep up with these thought. His eves became pained, and so did his face. I could tell he was trying hard not to let his wolf go wild. I tried to look away because the brighter they went, the more aroused I became. It was a male wolf trade. Their aroused eyes will make the mate want them more. Kind of hypnotise them, but us mates did have a choice, it was not forced upon us, we could choose to break it or not, most times not... okay I really need to get out of this room. My sent is driving them crazy and this is not how I want to start my day. By them claiming me. Well that does not seem like a bad idea my wolf tried to argue. And my body thought the same. Hence my heat.

"Make it stop." I told them. I don't want to be uncomfortable around them for the whole day.

"We would have to mark you." Chris said.

" Are you ready for that Nica?" Cole said. His eyes still on mine, willing me to say yes. I can only imaging the look on Chris face. He was still between my legs. His hardness told me exactly what I saw on Cole's face.

"Yes." I told them. That one word changed everything.

We were all kneeling on the bed in seconds. My back was facing Chris, and my front and eyes facing Cole. I was in the middle. Chris captured my lips from the behind. My neck twisting In an position that would normally feel uncomfortable, but at the moment felt good. The sparks ignited my body more than ever before. The kiss was one of lust, love, happiness, pleasure, kindness and heat. It felt good. All of a sudden he was kissing my neck, while Chris captured my lips. This mixed with the kisses on my neck brought me up to another level. When he was finished with my lips he placed his lips at my neck trying to find the spot he will mark me. My moans were loud and showed my pleasure. Their canines extracted and gently placed themselves into my neck. I felt no sting, only pleasure flow through my body. I felt as if I was on clouds. The pleasure was so strong I saw dots invading my eye site, and then I black out knowing when I woke up they would be there.

<A/N> I know this is short, but everyone is so demanding I thought I would put what I have so far. it is hard to do this and do 4 A-levels on the side, but I'm trying, that's why it is so short. Sorry for the wait. Nerissa

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