Chapter 3

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As we drew up to my house, I was scared that they saw the terrible back ground I came from, that they would reject me and want nothing to do with me. When they saw the person which I called mother treat me with the way they did, that they would treat me like that. All the restless feelings subsided when they held my hand in reassurance. 

When we arrived at the house, I opened the door and shyly welcomed them in. We passed the kitchen where any normal mother would come out and hug her daughter, asking her how was her day, but that was not how I was brought up. My mother did not care whether I had a good day. I would make myself dinner, do my own homework and settle into bed after reading my book. My mother was always working, when she was not dragging different men into the house.

 A tender hand on waist and a reassuring hand on my cheek brought me back. I blushed noticing all their attention was on me. This is how it would be for a mate, there to give you attention when your own mother failed. I grabbed Chris hands and directed them fully around my waist, whilst moving Cole's body closer to mine, letting them be my source of hope, help and courage. This happened for 5 minutes, with my mates holding me. I lifted my head and gave both a kiss in gratitude. I led them to my room, I started packing all the things I will need, knowing only to bring my best things because they will give me clothes to buy and wear to get the place I will be happy to call a home. 

 "Home." I whispered.

"Home?" They ask together.

 "Yes, that is where I will be going, home... I've never called this place home. Home is where the heart is." I replied hoping to not explain more. The smiles that broke out on their faces told me that they got exactly what I was saying. "Home" I whispered once again.

 "Home." They replied with unison.


We packed my possessions, not taking much time and loaded them into the car. I invited Cole and Chris to stay with me while I wrote the note to my mother. Not that she would read it I thought. They waited for me patiently, reassuring me that I was not just wasting their time. My mother chose to enter at this point. 

"And who are these?" she asked, not even saying a hello. Well, What did I expect.

 "Mom, this is Cole and Chris. They are my mates." I told my mom. There was a look of surprise in her eyes but shock drowned them. After a while of staring my mom used her voice again.

"Ah, you're leaving, about time." She looked at the boys, "Are you sure you want this little slut?"

 My heart broke at the negative word she used to describe me. For a moment I thought Cole and Chris would agree with her, but then I remember the everlasting love of a mate.

 "She is the person we have been looking for all this time, why would we let her go?" Chris asked.

 "She means a lot to us. We would not dare let her go. We must leave before it's too late." Cole added.

 "Oh yes, the love of a mate. At least someone would love you. Now get out and don’t come back." She said.

 "Bye Sarah." I said looking her dead in the eyes. I am tired of all the things she has done. I cannot stand her abusive words anymore. This was a way of showing her that I did not need her, and I refuse to call her what I wished she would be when I was a child. Mom…

 We turned around and left the house I always dreamed of leaving. It's like I got myself a ticket out of there.  A normal teen would have hated to leave their house at this age, but I held my head up high. Once in the car I took deep breaths to calm down. My mates were doing the same as me. It must have been hard to see someone they love hurt and degraded like that. I held both of their hands to calm them down, knowing that my touch would do just that.

 "Where are we going?" I asked them. I could not go to the palace. Not like this, to meet a king.

"First we are going to a restaurant to eat, then we will check into the hotel." Chris answered.

 "I'm sure you must be hungry and tired Nica." Cole finished, my name on his lips made me love it even more. They both held me in their embrace until we came to a stop outside a little restaurant. It was pretty, I've never seen it before this day. It was not fancy, which I am happy for.


When we entered the restaurant, we got to a table. The waitress came and took our order, giving my men a flirtatious wink before leaving, making me growl. They both put a hand their hand on mine, which made me stop. I looked down ashamed of my behaviour. I have never been possessive, but who could blame me. My own father left me, I want no one claiming what is mine.

 "In three days time, we would take you to meet the royal family." Cole said. Hearing my heart beat increase he added " don’t worry, they would love you immediately." Chris stroke my hand giving me a smile making my hear flutter. The smile did wonders but certainly did not calm my beating heart. I smiled back.

 "I'm sorry we could not have found you earlier" Cole said, "It was so hard to come to England and searching for you was hard."

 "What do you mean come to England? I thought here is where you are from. Does not your father rule England?" I asked. I was confused and getting a headache.

 "No we come from America. We have travelled most of Europe looking for you. Since we were 18. It was hard to come here because the king of England thought he needed to make better arrangements for us to come. You will be coming back to America with us. In a matter of months you would be the queen." Chris said.

 "Don’t worry about all that yet. We will Have enough time to think about those details. For now let's get to know each other more." Said Cole.

 The rest of the dinner was peaceful. I got to know more about the boys. They were both 20 years old. They were brought up in American state Lock Hart for the ware kingdom. They have been learning about how to rule the ware wolf kingdom for 10 years.  When they found their mate, she was supposed to be there for them and the kingdom which represented the females and the children of the world. They will rule the kingdom, and all the alphas around the world would listen to them and their instruction. They were groomed for the job, and could not wait to get their chosen Luna by their sides. It was their dream to find a mate.

 I was their Luna, and they were my Alpha's.

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