Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

I woke up the next morning, remembering my boys were home. I squealed, jolting them awake in the process.  Their faces covered in confusion and protectiveness had me giggling.


"What's wrong baby?" They both questioned.  Making me smile joyfully.

"Nothing, I'm just happy to have you guys back." I said blushing. Their faces relaxed and I felt so happy to be in the same room as them, only if they were gone for a few days, it was more than we had ever been apart. I loved the comfort the closeness of their body did to me.

"Damn girl, you had me scared." Chris said pulling me closer into his arms, rubbing my large stomach in the process. Cole moved closer to me and kissed my lips softly.

"What are we doing today then?" I asked, excited to do something together.

"Well, we can stay in bed…" Cole said suggestively making me giggle.

"Dude, stop thinking dirty, let's go out." Chris said being the 'responsible' one.

"But Nica is summoned to bed rest, we can't do much."

"Guys, I'm right here, no need to point out the fact that I'm large." I said pouting, they were talking about me as if I was not even in the room.

"Sorry bub, what do you want to do?" Cole asked.

"Well I would not mind watching a few movies, but if you guys have work to do go ahead." I said hoping they had nothing else to do.

"Nica babe, we have nothing doing today. It's our day with you, and you can't get away from us that easily." Chris said.

"Yeah, and we missed you." Cole said, "trust me, Chris was going crazy without you."  He whispered the last part making me giggle.

"Hey! I'm not ashamed." Chris replied to Cole's taunting.

"Damn I missed you guys." I said bursting out crying. Okay, my emotions were on over drive. I could not handle this, yet Cole and Chris just comforted me, even though I was a crying wreck. "I love you guys." I said sobbing. Cole chuckled which resulted in him getting nudged.

"Come on, let's go to the movie room." We got up ready to leave the room; I was still wiping my eyes when I reached the door handle. "Nica darling, you could at least put your pyjamas on?" Cole said eyes roaming my body. Only then did I realise I was naked, after last night's 'activities'.

"Of course." I said changing my direction, acting that was my primary destination. They still chuckled, stupid's. When I was dressed we made our way to the movie room and cuddled eating snacks. A very unhealthy breakfast, I know. I was starting to wonder where my best friend was, she was meant to be here. I feel guilty that she was here for me, yet I was not with her.

"Becca, Andrew and Alex are still here. Don’t worry, they understand that you are with us and we need some time together." Chris said kissing the tips of my fingers softly. The tingling sensations I got, only from that little action had my hormones acting up again. I moaned. Damn. His eyes filled with lust. I turned my head to see the same had happened to Cole, I blushed. Cole carried me back to the room, where we spent the rest of the day indulging in each other's body.

I woke up in the middle of the night hungry. I struggled to get up with my stomach, but did so without waking the twins. I put on clean PJ's and a robe before making my way to the empty kitchen. It was chilly around the castle, but not too cold. Everything smelled clean, neat and tidy. I have not spent time here for a while; it was spacious even though it was not the main kitchen, just the one closest to our room. I went to the fridge and got out my ingredients for hot chocolate. There was also a chocolate muffin in there I knew no one would miss. Once everything was made, I sat down on one of the stools, munching away. It was getting really cold down here, so I focused on my heat element and warmed myself up. I felt my pups stir, they loved it when I used my elements and of course their loved the food I was eating.

A frightening noise came from behind me, and I saw my brother Andy there. My hand covered my heart trying to calm myself down.

"You scared me." I said, stating the obvious, making him laugh.

"I couldn't guess, captain obvious."

"That’s cause you're dumb, sergeant sarcastic." I said, laughing at my joke, he gave me a blank stare, making me laugh harder.

"I miss you in England, I could not race anyone, and Becca is not as fast as you… don’t tell her I said that." He said, making me giggle.

"I know, I missed you guys, mom and dad." I said with a sad smile. He picked me up bridal style, sat down a kept me on his lap hugging me close, and stealing my heat.

"When were you going to tell me you were an elemental?" he asked, I froze.

"How do you know that?" I asked, I was not going to lie to him.

"The heat you are giving off is more than the average wolf's heat." He said he pulled me closer into his arms getting more heat. "So are you only heat?" he asked referring to the different elements.

"Nope, I have all four."

"No way, sick!" he exclaimed making me laugh. "I have water and earth, Alex has fire and air. But that’s unfair you have all four." He said pouting making me laugh.

"Sorry bro, I'm just too lucky." I said still laughing. "So when are you guys going through your mating ceremony with Becca." I said dramatically changing the subject.

"As soon as we get back to England, we wanted to do it sooner but there's just so much going on." He answered. Mating ceremony is like a marriage in the werewolf world, but we do not follow the human tradition of marriage. Theirs will be different to mine because they will have it separate from when they are crowning kings and queen of England werewolf's. I had mine when my mates took up the throne, the ceremony still fresh in my memory.

Everyone formed a circle around us and the room dimmed in its lighting, but everyone was still focused on us. My face most likely showed confusion. The king walked towards us the middle of the circle with a goblet and a blade. Instincts told me to kneel, and my mates did the same. We got to our knees before the king. He said a prayer to the God above us. Winds were moving around us as our heads were bowed. Instinct was the only thing driving me at this point, I did not know what to do, but I did exactly what I was supposed to.

We all held our wrist out, our heads closed along with our eyes. I felt the pain of a blade cutting through my wrists, but it healed as soon as it came. We lifted our heads opened our eyes. Cole took the goblet and took a sip of our blood, joined together inside. Then it was passed to Chris. The winds grew stronger. It was placed in my hands, and I drank the last of the sweetness.

The winds stopped.

"Nica, you look tired. I'll take you to bed." He said, lifting me up, I fell asleep in my brothers arms.

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