The mate to twin princes

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The Mate to Twin Princes

"Wake up, I want you out of this house by evening!" my mum said, more like shouted. It was not a normal day in this house; my mum had enough of me. She had a theory that I was sleeping around with other guys, okay let's just say it... she thinks I'm a slut. My own mother.

I am mixed race, my father was mixed, and my mother is white. I got my hair from my mother; it was straight, black and long. To be honest, I don't know where I got my eyes from. They were blue as the oceans, adored by many. My eyes are the best things about my appearance. They attract, draw in and entice people. My name is Dominica; people call me Nica since Dom is too masculine.
I don't know my father. Only that he was mixed and my mother meeting him was a mistake, therefore so was I. I tried not to let this fact get through me, but it was not easy as it was a constant reminder.

I woke up with a start. My wolf was always seeing two pair of eyes. Both green, equally beautiful. Yet I did not know the owners, neither did she. Waking up I brushed my hair, brushed my teeth, you know the drill. When the thought came to me, what did she mean when she said she wanted me out of the house, where am I supposed to go! I don't have any person to rely on. I thought through the tears, my wolf always hated her mother's rejection. It was against nature to hate your pup, yet that what she did. I dried my tears,

"I am stronger than this." I said out loud, urging myself to believe the truth.

I am strong, I have not cried since the first time my mother slapped me when I was 10. Now I'm 17 I have no time for tears. I have to go school, come back home, then think of what I am going to do later.

"I can't believe she said that to you!" Becca screamed. She was the only person who knew what was happening at school. To boys I'm a hot confident chick that they will never be with. To girls, I was nice, but they were a few envious ones, filled with hate. I could not trust anyone, Becca had to wait a few weeks to earn my trust, and it was not easy for her.

"I know! I don't even want to think about it, I need to leave that house." My voice turning into a whisper. "I want a mate to love me, I want to feel his touch, I want him to kiss me and take me in. I want to see the owner of those eyes that capture my dreams every night." I said.

"Okay enough of the mates talk, we're here." I plastered a fake smile, it became my morning routine, and walked out of the car. The volume of the car park became quieter as people noticed we came, but then went back to normal as we passed them and walked into the hallways. It was the first day back after summer. It was like I was royalty, I never knew why this happened. The quietness. But I got use to it.

This school was owned by my alpha, which had twin sons who will rule together. It was based in England; it was the biggest pack in Europe and covered most of it. The two sons were practically royalty. I've never seen or met them. They were looking for a mate who was going to be queen to their kingdom, which will be later on. Everyone knew that they had to be a certain age to get the throne. Even if they were old enough, they still had to wait for their grandfather to get of the throne. It will then be their fathers and then finally theirs. On the bright side, when they inherit the throne they will be older and wiser. Plus, they can enjoy their youth. In the mean time, while looking for her eager to find her.

"Did you hear about the new teachers? There are two of them. One teaches maths and the other English, total eye candy apparently, I don't know how I'm going to concentrate!" Becca went on and on, fanning her face red cheeks with her hands. To be honest I never looked at guys, I only ever wanted my mate, so I could care less about the immature boys here. "They are twins, meaning they share mate." Were twins are very rare, so they have one twin between them. It's not possessive as you may think between each other because they share everything, it helps them deal with sharing a mate however add a random male to the three mates and he is a dead man.

"Becca, there is always a hot teacher at this school. They are all wares! Well a part from Mr.Scottney" I said with a shiver. I saw her nod with agreement. "Anyway, what do you have first?" I asked as the bell rang.

"Right on cue, I have English, with a mister Prince, I think he is new. Hmmm, maybe, He's one of the twins!" she screamed jumping up and down. Damn I had that too. Be ready for drooling girls. People around us were starting to stare. I grabbed her hand and pull. I don't want to be late on my first day. When we reached the classroom I did not bother to look up and just sat in my normal place. The middle of the class room, people always knew it was my seat. There is that royalty thing again. It was a way that people treated me, and I have no reason why. Well everyone except my mother. I took deep breaths willing myself not to think about where I will be sleeping tonight. Then I had thoughts of where I would be sleeping tonight. I took deep breaths and waiting for the teacher to come to will myself into my school books. It was a distraction.

"Hello class, I'm mister Prince but call me Cole." That voice brought shivers to my spine and did something to my core.

My eyes snapped up to the teacher that just came into the room. "Mine" I whispered. His eyes were looking at the others in the class room, as if searching for me. When they reached mine after what felt like eternity, I gasped.

"Ours" he whispered, which we could all hear because off our heightened haring. They were the green eyes from my dream, one of them. Time stood still as I drowned in his eyes, he was definitely mine. My wolf way excited and wanted to claim him right there and then."I am here for a two weeks to get some experience" he said still looking into my eyes. Then my wolf responded "two weeks... Two weeks! Then he will leave me." I tried to calm her.

After his introduction he did the register "Tara," "here", "Rachael", "call me Rach" she said in a seductive voice spinning her hair around her finger. I growled so low, yet so threatening. Suddenly I stopped, realizing I became possessive, and blushed. He smiled and carried on as if to ignore her "Dominica ", I could not respond, the way my name rolled off his tongue made me hot, my heart raced. Becca nudged me, "I'm here Cole" I responded, he looked up, and I heard the rapid beat of his heart. He looked back into my eyes. My heart stopped, curse ware wolf hearing he noticed and smirked making me blushed, once again.

When the lesson finished Cole said "Okay everyone, lesson is over. You may leave. Nica I need to speak to you." My heart beat increased as he said my nickname. The girls gave me jealous stares.

"I'll see you next lesson, I'll save you a seat, love you" Becca said, before walking out with the rest of the class. When they were done I walked up to Cole.

"Yes sir" I could feel power radiating from him, he looked like Adam before he sinned, handsome does not even begin to describe.

"Nica." He was in front of me in a flash. "Mine" he said, I shivered before him. We were toe to toe, his eyes searching mine, he was trying to control his wolf, but also searching my eyes; the windows to my soul.

"I sense, sadness even though you have found me" My mother was still on my mind. "Can we talk after school, sir?" I saw him trying to control his wolf as I said sir, like he was my master. His eyes flashed gold, fighting his wolf, then turned back to normal.

"Okay, I'll be here." he said. I knew I can trust him, that's what I shall do.

I walked out, and then it hit me. For my mate was my substitute teacher...

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