Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

I was in someone's arms; they were holding me from behind. I was slipping into consciousness. Someone was holding my face in their hands, and placed a soft kiss. They did not move their lips until I responded, I was fighting hard not to, but I failed. Their soft ones started to move with mine, and then they pulled away, making me growl.

"Tease." I said under my breath, making them chuckle.

"Wake up babe." Cole whispered into my ears. I guess Chris was the one that teased me. His voice made me shiver, and he held me tighter into his toned body.

"Nica." Chris groaned seeing Cole had given in. "Today is a big day, let's start it right." I grabbed his face to mine and kissed him shut up. He gave in and kissed me back. I started to move against Cole's body behind me. I could feel their excitement.

"Okay, I'm up." I told them, stopping moving and kissing them altogether.

"Tease." They both said under their breaths making me laugh.

"What am I doing today?" I asked them seeing I had no clue.

"First, have a shower, and then our mother will meet you, she will take you to the salon to get ready along with my sister."

"Your family should be coming in for this evening; they will be at the ball.  Your dress will be downstairs. You need to get it fitted before you go to the salons. I will take you to it. Then I will take you to my mother, while Chris takes care of some things." Cole finish.

"I can't wait, but cannot help thinking it is going to be a long day." I said burying my head in Chris's shoulder, tightening Cole's arms around me, if it was possible.

"Don’t worry. Just take it as it comes along." Cole said, his warm breath on my exposed neck.

" By the end of the day, you will be our Luna, and Queen." Chris said, raising my lips to his once again. I shivered.

"And you my Kings." I said with a smile. "Join me in the shower." I ordered them. We all had alpha blood in us, but they did not argue with my order. Instead, Cole got up and carried a giggling me, while Chris opened the door.

After the long shower, Cole picked out what I should wear, as usual. Chris they were both dressed casual formal. Chris gave me a kiss good bye.

"I'll see you before the ball unfortunately; I wish we could spend the whole day together." He said, making me smile.

"Love you." I told him, giving him a peck on the lips.

Cole took my hands .Then he took me to a room on the same floor as our bedroom. The mirrors covered the walls, make up everywhere along with whatever was needed to get ready. I saw his mother there, and he left me in her hands, not before giving me a toe curling kiss. Making me blush because he it was in front of his mother. Then he kissed my blazing cheeks, chuckling at me.

"Aw, I remember those days. Well it's still like that now..." Eleanor said trailing off leaving me smiling at the look she still had for her husband. "Ready for the day ahead?" she asked.

"Yes, let's get this day on the road." I said smiling.

"Good, this is Rosa; she is here to get the dress fitted right on you. You are the last one, me and Eliza has had our dress fitted." That’s when I noticed a young woman in the room. She was pretty. She started to walk towards us. She bowed her head at me.

"Nice to meet you Nica, your dress is in the behind the curtains. You can go try it on and come out. I will see what needs doing." She said in one go with a smile.

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