Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

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Without further ado…

I was sitting in the lounge of the palace. On my own, just admiring the height of the ceilings, the beautiful décor, or what I call my home. The glass window at the other side of the room went from the bottom of the floor, to the highest height of the room. I walked over to it, my dress swishing as I moved towards it. When I reached, I looked at the blue skies, the children out in the garden, the trees. I loved nature. I loved it much more after I became queen; it's what I woke up with. It's my power, but I've been too scared to try it out, or even tell my mates.

My hands were stretched out to touch the glass as I felt strong arms around my waist. The electricity that flowed told me who it was.

"Hey babe, what are you doing all on your own?" Chris whispered into my ears.

"Nothing… just admiring nature." I told him, spinning around in his arms, and placing a kiss on his lips. "Business finished?" I asked. I have not seen them for the whole day, it was 2 o'clock and I was missing them.

"We have a short time to go still, we just wanted to see you and know you are alright. When are you going to go back to school? "Cole said coming into the room, taking my hands in his, and pulling me away from Chris, into his arms. I lavish the feeling.

"School? I never thought of it…" I said.

"You need to go until your graduation." Chris said.

"Okay, I'll start when you enrol me."

"Sounds good, we will contact Lock Hart High."

"Okay, how long do you have left with me?" I asked, knowing they will have to go back soon.

"About… now." Cole said looking at his watch. He placed a kiss on my cheek and left the room. I smiled and turned to face Chris.

"Bye babe." He said, placing a kiss on my lips, softly and walked out after his brother. I watched them leave and close the door behind them. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes as the sun beat against my back. 

I wanted to go for a run. I opened the door and smiled at the guards outside. I'm still getting use to them all around my home. Its been a few weeks since I became queen. Everything became better a few days after me and my mates went into that sleepy coma state. It took a while to get back to my normal self. Everything has gone back to 'normal', and I've been guarded, but not to the point of annoyance. I understood that I was important, and all wolves will be sorrowful if any of me or my mates died. I understood all the trouble it would cause if I was not careful.

"I'm going for a run. Come with me, but stay behind me. I will alert you if something is wrong. I want you there, but there is something I need to do." I told my favourite guard John. He always went with me on my runs, when Cole and Chris were not able to. He never spoke often, but he nods. Which he just did.

"Good." I said smiling at him and making my way to a door leading to the garden. I sent my mates the message through the link. I went outside and looked around. The children had gone inside, silence filled the atmosphere. I took off my dress, folded it and shifted. I put the dress back in my mouth and ran, knowing my guard was behind me. I stopped when I met the beautiful scenery and shifted back, putting on my dress. Before me was a waterfall, one I have not yet seen before.

I raised my hands towards the sky, and tilted my head upwards, closing my eyes, focusing on the nature around me. I felt the power run through me and loved it. I felt the sun brighten and flow down on me.

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