chapter six

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I stare at the bag in front of me, Kirk was at some audition and wouldn’t be home for at least another few hours which gave me the time but could I? I felt so dirty and disgusted by the thought but pictures of Jack touching and tantalising me earlier come rushing back and my stomach clenches. No, I couldn’t use this dildo it wasn’t me – Hell I didn’t even know what to do with it, I was too inexperienced and would only make me think of Jack more.

I needed to stop, I needed to end this he was a married man for God sake Jane that would be enough to stop anyone. You’re a home wrecker. I dismiss my scattered thoughts the best thing right now would be go to bed, clear my head.

 Laying down I close my eyes and try and rid myself off his feel, the taste of his tongue lapping and sucking at my skin, and without me even knowing it I’m fantasising about his earlier comment or maybe I was dreaming, heck I didn’t care because right now he was throwing everything off his desk making way for us to consume it.

 His mouth was at my neck at the spot making me succumb to every single one of his needs, his erection so hard and so big poking into my ass as he pushes me face down onto the desk the smell of polished oak and the aroma of sexual tension rising. My blood was pumping and I could hear it in my ears, getting louder and louder as he caresses my ass slowly and ever so slowly he pulls up my skirt now taking his sweet, sweet time as he has me where he wants me, rendering me powerless as his hand takes in my black lace French knickers and soon his hands begin to peel them down.

He was torturing me, I needed him now, I needed him inside me my body craved and yearned for him to rock me, thrashing and rocking inside my core and all I wanted to do was too turn around and take control to rush things to unzip his trousers and unleash him inside of me, yet, he didn’t seem that fit, he pins me down and sucks at my earlobe while his arms slowly slide from my wrists up to my shoulders and down to cradle my breasts that pucker at his touch. He was teasing me, making me seem that I wanted this more than him and he wasn’t wrong, I thrush my ass out into his groin my breathing become more heavy as his erection once again comes into contact.

 My knickers were now around my ankle and slowly he undoes his zipper and my body feels with joy, this was it, this was the moment I had been waiting for slowly he takes his hands and grabs the sides of my hips and then I could feel the end of his cock touching the entrance while he slowly and surely eases into me making me gasp out and reach to hold the sides of the desk.

The feel was, it’s indescribable it was sweet tantalising agony waiting to unfold, and slowly but surely he picks up his pace, thrashing into me in rhythm the sound of his balls slapping into my ass as he pounds harder and harder makes this feeling inside me grow and grow, he was getting deeper but not deep enough slowly I move with him helping us fulfil our conquest? The feeling grows as he pounds and pounds, harder and harder, deeper and deeper feeling the whole inside of me with the size of his cock and I could feel it the tightness in my stomach pulling deeper as I’m ready to climax and I can feel it building up.

I sit up in bed in a sweat, what the fuck had just happened? Looking to my bedside I could see the blackberry Jack had given me light up with his caller ID shining brightly in the darkness, could I answer? I had just been dreaming about him fucking me sprawled across his desk and I was a little bit shocked with how dirty my mind could be, maybe Kirk was onto something about me being sexually frustrated. Calming myself I answer the phone.

“Hello?” My throat croaks dry after sleeping.

“Jane, thank goodness! I need you at my apartment straight away it’s an emergency!”  Pulling the phone away from my ear I look at the time, twenty past two; was he being fucking serious? I debate about what to say I couldn’t exactly tell him to go fuck himself; I had no idea if late night callouts were in my contract, yet did I really want to go round to his apartment after just having sex with him in my head? “Hello, Jane?” I snap out of my thoughts.

“Yes. Yes I’m here. Jack it’s really late can’t this wait till tomorrow morning?” I let out a yawn as the tiredness still plays with me.

“Did you not hear the word ‘emergency’ submerged into the sentence, No this cannot wait till tomorrow so get your ass over here pronto.” He hangs up the phone and I sigh as I think about his erection against my ass. STOP IT! I shout to myself, I couldn’t go over there not now I wouldn’t be able to control myself.

Slowly and unsurely I slowly slide my hands down my stomach beginning to play with the hem of my lace knickers and after a moment’s hesitation I slide them further down using my middle finger to rub and swirl across my clit, thinking back to my dream. Hesitantly I move my pants out of the way and my fingers taunt where his cock had been, large, bold, hard I bite my lip my eyes shut. It was now or never; I hadn’t a lot of time.

 I slide a finger in the feel unusual I couldn’t describe it though it didn’t feel like I thought it had would, so slowly I slide another one in making me feel full I begin to shuffle them back and forth slowly at first as my body takes in this foreign feel, I move my thumb against my clit bringing some sensation to it and as I become wetter my body begins to accept my fingers as the begin to fasten and deepen making me moan and gasp as what feels like electricity shooting through my body and then there it is, after minutes of pleasure I feel the pull in my stomach meaning I was getting closer and closer to climax, I fasten my fingers deepening the rub on my clit, the pull getting stronger as the muscles in my thighs, ass and stomach ripple and clench in pleasure and then there it is moaning out I climax as my body explodes in a rush of tortures pleasure, then I slump against the pillow a smile on my face.

 That felt so good, maybe I had been thinking about it wrong this whole way. Knowing I had to leave I try and stand but my legs shake beneath me as the after shake of my orgasm consumes me, slowly I make my way to the shower feeling a little unsteady but after a while the feeling goes and I hurriedly get ready and leave.

Pulling up to Jacks house I feel alive and fresh, I felt good like I had had the best night sleep ever even if it was basically three in the morning. Jack answers the door swiftly a look of disapproval on his face as if to say my fast wasn’t fast enough for his likings. I shake my head I had more important things to take care off. He leaves me and begins to walk off, I follow slowly behind and soon he enters a room, his office I believe and there sat in the office chair was none other than his wife – Chloe. 

A/N Heya, so, so, so sorry for the longest update ever in the world but here it is! So what do you all think is going to happen with Jacks wife chloe? Hit the board and let me know! 

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