Chapter four

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Two empty bottles of white wine sat in front of me, I wasn’t much of a drinker I really didn’t find it as fun like everyone made it out to be, most of my time in collage I spent sober why I watched the awful things my classmates did under its effect’s, I shudder at the thought of Gary Lone puking on this one girls chest as he tried to chat her up, as you could have guessed he didn’t get laid by her or anyone at all, he passed out on the floor only moments after.

Tonight was different though, I needed to forget Jack, what I did was terrible, so terrible I was thinking about quitting just the thought of looking at him tomorrow is making my pulse quicken, yes I found him attractive but did we connect emotionally, no. We most definitely did not. All I can think off is his poor wife, I could imagine her as being perfect, the kind of wife who earned her title, who had dinner on the table when he arrived home from work, who had the house cleaned and spick and span, actually did they have a house cleaner? That’s not the point, the point was she didn’t deserve to be cheated on, no woman should be cheated on and for me to do that, well let’s just say putting my head in a plastic bag sounded good about now.

 I open the third bottle in front of me I knew it was a bad idea I could feel myself begin to get way over tipsy, but still the feel off his hands brushing up my thigh is driving my body insane. I wasn’t drinking to forget, it would be a lot better than what I was actually drinking for, no it was because for all the wrong reasons I wish his wife didn’t intervene and that I wish I could be that close to him again, to have him pressed against me causing my body to heat with his intensity and my body clench in pleasure at his touch. This was a whole new thing for me, nothing like this had ever happened to me before it was something new, it was something that I wanted to explore problem was it was with Jack.

The door opens and I see Kirk in the doorway he smiles a warm greeting but that soon goes as he takes in the empty bottles on the table in front of me, in a flash he’s at my side a worried glare in his eyes. Shit, maybe I should have disposed of the bottles before he came back talking to kirk about what had happened wasn’t a good idea, if anything he was the kind of person to persuade some adventure in my life even if I hurt a gazillion people in the process. “Jane Peterson what is the matter and don’t tell me it’s nothing, I can see that glare in your eyes the one you give me when you don’t want to discuss my boyish antics.” He hovers over me his face right in my gaze I push away at his face and he sits beside me, I could feel a grin spread across my face looking at him.

“You’re so drunk.” I laugh sheepishly, God damn drink it was blowing my cover. I slump beside him and rest my head on his shoulders; his hand automatically goes up and plays with my chocolate brown hair.

“That bad, huh?” I burry my face in the crook of his arm breathing in his scent, I don’t know how I would ever survive not living without his smell.

“You have no idea.” I mumble and I could feel tears begin to spill out my eyes, for just me to know about it was bad but for someone else to know about it? It made it even more real, at this point in time I really don’t see how people can say confessing your sins are good because it doesn’t, it makes you feel like shit. He pulls me back his ocean blue eyes so concerned it makes me sob even more, I was quite embarrassed it was never a pretty sight when I cried, snot dribbling down, loud hysterical sobs and a red face like a tomato.

“What is it Jane?” He holds me by the shoulders trying to look into my eyes, I avoid his gaze and swipe at my snotty nose with my cashmere sleeve, could I tell him? Should I tell him? Kirk wasn’t one to judge me, hell he had no right to! The amount of crazy shit he did he was definitely getting a ticket into hell, it’s just that telling Kirk makes it all that more real saying it out loud is going to make me sick, to admit that I wanted my insanely, sadistic, hot, lavishing boss to fuck me was not the best feeling in the world. Taking a deep breath I decide it was best to tell him, he would find out sooner than later, plus a little advice couldn’t hurt, could it? Hell, who am I kidding this is Kirk were on about here!

I tell him everything from the way he looked at me with his predatorily eyes and how I wanted him so badly it felt like I was going to go insane with lust, he sits back and lets out a whistle. “Boy, haven’t you had a hell of a day!” I snort at his comment.

“No shit Sherlock.”

“Oi, no need to be sarcastic! Look in all seriousness it wasn’t all your fault, he came onto you – he kissed you! He’s a hot, rich son of a bitch of course he knows that you’re not going to push him away. He’s testing you Jane, just like he does with the rest of his secretary’s why do you think he’s had twelve of them from the beginning of this year? Look he wants a challenge, your innocent and it makes his game even more fun for him.” I sit there shocked, he was right this was his game and I had dumbly played along with it. But how could I not? The feel of it all how could one say no to that?

“He doesn’t know I’m a virgin though.” I whisper trying to make some excuse for his behaviour; I just so didn’t want it to be true to be used as a pawn in his game.

“He doesn’t have too; anyone can see that you haven’t done the nasty.”

“And how is that!”

“Because even just talking about it, it’s making you blush.” My hands instantly go up to my cheeks and I scowl at him; I slump in defeat how the heck was I going to get rid of this unwanted feeling?

“I’m going to quit.” Kirk quickly jumps up and stares at me with a face full of laughter.

“You don’t have to quit Jane.”

“I have no other option.” I snidely say back, what else did he expect me to do? If Jack jumped me again I wouldn’t be able to contain myself, like a wild beast being released from enclosure.

“There’s a thing called masturbating?” My jaw drops open, he couldn’t be serious right?

“No just no.” I say when his silence became to come awkward.

“Why? Look your sexually frustrated God it’s a wonder you haven’t combusted yet! It will relieve you and you won’t have to keep having fantasies of Jack. After all even you said it was just lust.” I stand up and walk away from him; it was a bit difficult as I tripped over a cushion. I stumble towards the kitchen and take out a bar of chocolate, screw the diet!

“I’m not having this conversation with you Kirk.”

Though that was highly unlikely as the next day as I sat down at my desk, Charlene the receptionist brings in a fancy looking bag, it was a peachy colour with Silk handles frowning I divulge in it and as I pull it out and look at it images of my hands round Kirks neck pop into my mind. A knock on the door makes me throw the vibrator behind my back. Jack walks in a wolfish grin plastered to his face, I gulp and feel my body crumble beneath me; it was as my body woke up when I saw him, my breathing gets shallow and I can feel myself begin to get hotter. And before he can say anything the sound of buzzing erupts in the room. I feel my cheeks begin to redden; the stupid thing had turned on my eyes pop open widely.

“Oh must be my phone.” I say, opening the closest draw and dropping it in there trying to turn it off in the process. I stand up and straighten myself out a grin of laughter on his face.

“We have a meeting at two I would like you to join me to take some notes, in the mean time I would like you to read the transcripts on your desk.” I nod and as he moves forwards I automatically move back, problem was my chair was behind me, luckily I land in the chair and not on the floor.

“Oh and one last thing Jane?” I gulp and he moves forwards and plays with the handles on the stupid Dildo bag.

“If you really need some pleasure in your life it’s better to get it from the right thing.” And with that he walks out of the room with a smirk on his face, why I’m left red as a beetle and my jaw hanging to the floor. My stomach tightens at his words. Opening the damn draw I turn the stupid thing off and plonk it back in the box, only then catching sight of what it read. ‘Activates with moistness’ I groan and close my eyes. I was going to kill him.

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