Chapter ten

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When I arrive home kirk is all but sat on the couch eating what looked like cold pizza I had made yesterday, he looks up at me a expression I recognised as ‘gossip’.  “So are you going to openly tell me where you have been or do I have to knock it out of you?” Throwing my bag and laptop down by the door I slump next to Kirk and eye him warily, he was my best friend and I could tell him anything and surely I should tell someone or I might go even more insane then I already am, but then if Kirk judged me I don’t think I would be able to take it, from him off all people I think I would rather die in a pit full of venomous snakes. “Oh, I know that look its bad isn’t it?” Dragging a pillow over my face I muffle into it, I couldn’t see his reaction.

“It’s Jack.” Kirk was silent beside me and I could feel and hear my heart beat hammer harder and harder as I waited and then he let out a whistle and I could feel myself relax.

“Damn Jane I didn’t think you had it in you.” I move the pillow from my face and sort out my bangs.

“I’m such a terrible person.” I close my eyes and think about how Jack had comforted his wife and feel my belly flip with disapproval and was that a slight twinge of jealousy?

“No, you’re just human Jane don’t beat yourself up about it. If he truly loved his wife he would leave her but …. He’s just too much of a coward too and you, your just caught in the middle of it that’s all. If anyone is to blame it’s him for not growing a pair and doing what needs doing.” I lean into him and breathe in his sent, calming me and relaxing me oh why’d you have to be gay Kirk?

“Yeah maybe, but who cares now I was basically dismissed.” I groan at how idiotic I had been over the last week or so, I was a bright girl so why had he caused me to lose all self-awareness and reasonable thinking?

“Why what do you mean?” I could feel Kirks body tense.

“His wife …. Uhh God damn it. Her father died and she came home and we was having a great moment and then just like that it was gone you know, he was back to comforting her and he told me to leave.”

“Did you …. Uh did you sleep with him?” Kirk had never been one to beat around the bush especially about sex so why was he acting so strange now?

“No …. We came close but no I told him I was a well – you know and he stopped us.” I could literally feel Kirk breathe out in a sigh of relief.


“Oh – Oh what do you mean Oh?” I could feel my heart stammer he realised something that I hadn’t and whatever it was it wasn’t a good thing.

“It’s nothing – Uhh I can’t lie to you Jane but I really don’t want to be the one telling you this.” My world began to spin.

“The reason he’s done this Jane is because he knows now that he’s not going to get anywhere or no offence anything good out of you.” It was exactly what I had thought when I woke up.

“I – I thought the same but then …. Then he was there when I woke up making us breakfast and being all lovey dovey with me. I – he can’t – can – he!” I could feel my mind become clouded.

“He was making you breakfast?” I nod. “Well then maybe, I don’t know Jane this seems like a sticky situation he seems like a tricky man to crack. Has he texted you?” I shake my head, he hadn’t replied to my last two texts and I was beginning to feel tricked and hollow.

“Have you texted him?” I nod again beginning to feel like a nodding dog I see in the back of people’s cars; you know the ones I’m on about. “Well don’t text him anymore, let him chase you, let him know that you have more important things in your life, let him know other guys are interested make him think that he’s not all that and if he’s not going to step up then he’s going to lose you and well if he doesn’t care his loss and good riddance I say.”

“There’s one problem with that Kirk I don’t have any other guys interested in me.”

“Of course you do, how about that guy at Taco Bell? He’s dishy.”

“I don’t want to seem mean or pig headed here but how’s that going to help anything? Jack’s a successful business man he’s not going to be threatened by some guy who serves Tacos for a living.” Though Kirk was right about one thing he was dishy.

“Fine then how about …. Me?” I look at him my face obviously showing him how annoyed I was becoming.

“Do I need to remind you that you’re more impartially inclined too bananas then doughnuts?” He begins to laugh ruffling my already bed headed hair.

“Oh your analogy is hilarious but no, what I meant is he doesn’t know I’m gay does he?” I think back to the time in the car when Jack asked if Kirk was my boyfriend, I had told him then and there that he was gay but hell, Jack had never seen Kirk. I begin to smile in triumph.

No hell, what was I thinking playing games with some guy I was just as bad as he was! But don’t I want to know what the hell’s going on?

I sigh making my decision but that could wait because right now all I needed was some fun with my Kirk!

I begin to laugh as Kirk shows me some off the costumes he would be wearing in his latest play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ the play was one of the greatest love stories of all time and I was proud Kirk had gotten into something as big as this, it could  be his lucky break. Thinking about the play I think about how Romeo and Juliet were sneaking around just as me and Jack and was and how their ending both ended in death….

“Hello anyone in there?” Kirk begins to click his fingers in front of my face snapping out of my daze I face him and that was when he pounced smearing white paint over my face as if my skin wasn’t already white enough for him.

“KIRK!!” I scream at him and then I saw it out of the corner of my eye the black paint Kirk saw it about the same time as me but luckily for me I was closer and as I indulge my hand into the wet gooey paint I bring up a handful and throw it in his face causing him to stop in his tracks as he spits out paint which had gone in his mouth. Staring at him I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically as I took in his helpless figured drenched in dripping black paint.

“Oh it’s on!”

However our paint battle soon ended by his director having a hissy fit and to be honest I couldn’t blame him, we had drenched half of the studio in paint and I was only beginning to feel slightly guilty, and the rest was filled with annoyance as we was told we would have to clean it up I was beginning to feel like a child again, damn you Kirk Bane! I stay though and help him clean up the mess and it wasn’t as bad as it seemed we were both beyond happy from the fun we had just had so his company was great, we hadn’t been able to do this in a long time I think … not the paint fight but just being together having fun I guess that was what growing up was all about. I didn’t let it dampen my mood though but as I feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket I can feel the trickle of a bad mood rise.


I need to look after Chloe; she has to be my one and only priority for now.

Wooo! So for some reason I really love Kirk I love writing his character I guess he reminds me off my gay best friend! Hit the message board on what you think of Jacks behaviour or maybe how you feel about Kirk? Or if you think Jane should start dating another guy or if you think Jane and Jack could be a great couple! - AB

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