Chapter five

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I knock hesitantly at Jack’s door it was quarter to two and it was nearly time for our meeting, out of habit I straighten myself out and try and prepare myself for his appearance. “Come in!” He shouts and I can feel myself to become tense, his voice sounded strained. Opening the door I gulp and take hold of his eye sight, he was angry. You could tell by the wrinkles in his forehead as they creased together, the way his knuckles whitened in his grip. I stare at him not knowing what to do, would he bite my head off?

“It’s nearly time for the meeting Jack.” He nods and moves towards a cabinet pulling out a lovely looking glass of whisky.

“Would you like a glass?” I shake my head and he nods all so quiet still, it was so scary seeing this foreign emotion in Jack. He pours himself one and sits back down at his desk, using his hand to indicate that I should sit down too. I do so, all a little bit awkward, all I wanted to do right now was to run and hide under my covers, I was so turned on by just looking at Jack and the fantasies in my head wasn’t helping.

“I would like you to just make some notes on what our client says and how he wants the book to be portrayed, okay?” I nod my mouth was becoming dry with nerves, when was this day going to be over? He stands and I do to, we both leave the room without a sound and make our way to the lift, he styles his brown silky hair back also prepping himself for the meeting. Entering the lift he presses the buzzer for the floor we needed. Unfortunately we were the only two in it; I could feel the atmosphere become heavier and my needs growing.

“You think I’m a reasonable man, don’t you?” I nod at his outburst, it had made me jump out of unexpectedness, I could see his eyes were crazy with rage; he shuts them tightly and inhales heavily as if trying to rid of his unwanted feelings. He opens his chocolate eyes and looks down into mine and without a moment’s hesitation his lips smack against mine, hungry, feverish needing me just as my body craved his. I could feel my mouth open without whim and let him have entry as my tongue roamed his as he began to deepen the kiss, I could hear myself moan as my arms wrapped around his neck. I needed him. I needed him to take me now in this elevator, all reasons why I shouldn’t was out of the window this man touching me now creating every nerve light up inside me was my God. Anything he wanted he would get, the way he was making me feel right now was nothing I think I would ever feel again with anyone. The way his fingers traced down my spine to the way his tongue tortured mine was making my body and mind react to his every demand and then just like that he pulls back just as the elevator doors ping open and I’m left there breathless and needing more.

He exits the elevator and I need another moment to gather my scattered thoughts together, I follow him out after a minute or so and we enter the office without a word about what had just happened. We sit at our seats and we greet each other, everything was a bit of a blur to me I just couldn’t get what had happened out of my head thoughts of why I had done this again? How I needed him to the feel of his hands caressing my body whirled around my head in a big oversized mess. Why it that he could make me was feel so powerless, make me forget he was married? The ring on his finger was enough to warn me to back the fuck off, but I just couldn’t help myself I wanted to know what it felt like to have him inside me as he moaned my name softly into my ear as we both climaxed together, I could feel my insides tighten as I picture it. Stop it! Though it’s not what distracted me from my obscene thoughts the gathering up off paper and people make me jump to my feet. Was the meeting over? Shit! I look down towards my notepad and see that I had made no notes I had gone through the meeting in a haze.

I scuttle out of the office and join the elevator with Jack and some other business people, I sneak a peek up at Jack but he’s looking stonily ahead at the gold elevator doors, when the elevator pings for our stop we get out and walk towards his office. Sitting down in his oversized brown leather chair he looks towards me. “You can just leave your notes on my desk.” I hesitantly step forward gulping in the process.

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