About me? Hmm, why is it when it comes to talking about yourself you loose all sense of who you truly are? As if you have spent about five minutes with someone and have no clue about who they truly are? Right now you're all most probably thinking I'm mental, Hah you're not wrong there! Maybe I should start with some basics.

I'm eighteen years old and am from England in a small, scruffy place called Hampshire. It isn't the glitz, far from it and for all of you Non- Englishman out there it's all not London. Nope, I'm afraid not, it would be nice but no. (sorry I'm rambling again!) Other then that I don't attend college after trying twice and giving up, me and education don't mash well together, though baring in mind University sounds good, mostly for the drinking! I am however not a bum, I work for a living as boring as that is and am training to be duty manager, which has took up quite a bit of my time.

What else is there? I've just recently moved out; go me! Though am back home again so my parents can treat me like their little princess again and scurry around me as normal tasks for me are now a no! I should really mention I've recently dislocated my knee, I'm no spoil brat child! I think I should say a bit why I've neglected this site for the last year, and as you could gather from some of the above comments it's been due to work, moving out and becoming an adult as sad, scary and horrible that actually is! BILLS, BILLS, BILLS they are everywhere! I wish I was a child again! The drinking however is fun!

I've most probably writ well more then I should of had and to whoever is reading this I am very sorry I have wasted your time, but I'm afraid there is no refunds for your time. HAH. The amount of times I've wished I could have said that to a customer as well as some other choice words many people would frown upon! I am going now, before I spin off into something else that is not irrelevant. Good day Sir.
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