Chapter two

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Chapter two

Monday morning and I couldn’t help the nerves bile higher and higher until I think I’m going to be sick, you can do this I will myself to think as I clutch the contract and paper work in my hand. “Miss Peterson.” Jack sweeps out of the office doors of hell and offers a warm smile, I breathe out maybe he wasn’t so bad, maybe it was an act for the interviews. “Please sit down.”

Sitting down in the same chair I sat in only days ago I find myself a lot more relaxed and calm. “I have the paper work here Mr Stone, would you like me to leave it on your desk?” I swivel around and see him pouring two small glasses of whisky in crystal glasses, the bottle was corked and I could tell it was an old vintage; surely the other glass wasn’t for me? He wouldn’t allow me to drink during working hours; I begin to doubt myself who knew with this guy? Just go with it shouts my subconscious. Today I can see he’s in a crisp tailored black suit with a cherry red tie, next to him I feel washed out in my pale lilac office dress and white heels, my mousey blonde hair cascading around my shoulder in soft natural waves.

“Certainly Jane and please call me Jack I insist, I hate it when people call me Mr Stone it sounds somewhat intimidating.” I try and hold back my laughter; oh if he only knew it wasn’t his name that was intimidating.

“Something funny Jane?” I shake my head and smile sweetly, as he passes me the crystal cup full of brown liquid.

“Well drink up woman it’s not going to vanish into thin air.” I stare at him.

“Is it appropriate to drink during working hours?” He sets his cup down and gazes at me with a haunted look.

“Miss Peterson are you saying I am inappropriate as a boss?” I swallow he was right, picking up the drink I down the drink and let the burn in my throat roll away. “Hold your horses Jane.” Staring at him he has a gleam in his eyes as a grin spreads across his face. “In all of my time I have worked here not one person has taken me up on that offer.” Shit. I knew it I mentally face plant myself why do I listen to you brain.

“Is that a bad thing?”

“No, it’s a good thing you’re different, you listen to my demands Jane I like that in a person.” I swallow my throat dry even after downing the drinks moments ago, his look was so intoxicating I can’t help but get lost in his coco eyes.

“What would you like me to do today?” I ask him breaking the weird and awkward moment, he licks his lips as he puts his glass down and hands me a stack of papers.

“I would like you to shift through these, give me a quick summary on each one and your own opinion on the story. Don’t look so worried I don’t expect you to get through all of these; these will be your weeks work. At twelve I would like you to accompany to a dinner meeting in the middle of the city with George Walsh, one of our upcoming authors.” I nod and take the stack of papers.

“Umm, Jack?”


“Where is my office?”

“Hasn’t Lucy shown you? Never mind, come I will show you.” Standing he walks towards me and places his hand on the small of my back ushering me forward, with just that little bit of touch I could feel myself become hot and flushed, this hot God was touching me. I scold myself he was an evil twat, a hot twat at that and a married twat. “Here we are I hope this succumbs to all your needs.” Oh my needs, I think an office is a little way down the scale. Dumping the papers on my glass desk I turn around and smile at him.

“Yes this is great. Thank you Jack.” I turn around and get into the black leather seat, Ooo a swivel chair I shake my head. Jane get a grip you are not a child.

“For what exactly?” When was he going to leave so I could actually get on with some work? I didn’t mind looking at him but having him so near, making me uneasy, nervous and flushed I wish he would just go.

“For everything, the laptop, the phone, the car! Really there was no need to go the extremes of a Porsche; a second hand car would have been fine.” I set up the apple computer in front of me and let it boot up.

“Jane if you’re going to work for the best company in New York then you’ve got to look the part.” He eyes me his eyes burrowing. “And by the looks of things we need to go shopping, I can’t let my PA look so ….”

“So what?” I say snapping at him, I regret it immediately yet I felt so self-conscious as it is and now under his gaze I felt as if I was naked and he had a magnifying glass, inspecting every pore on my body.

“Don’t snap at me Miss Peterson, I was simply saying that dress is washing you out it is not your colour at all, a nice cherry red fitted dress would suit you perfectly showing off them splendid curves of yours.” I feel myself begin to flush; he thought my curves were splendid? Stop I scream at myself, you don’t care what he thinks of you, you cannot be crushing on your evil twisted boss.

“Yes Jack.”

“We will go once were back from the meeting.” I flush in embarrassment this time.

“I haven’t any money with me.” He scoffs and looks at me as if I’m stupid; I give him my pointed look.

“You don’t need any, the company will cover it.” He leaves then cutting off any reply I could have given, I groan a hour hadn’t even passed yet and I was infuriated at him already I just couldn’t work him out, his mood swings going back and forth is giving me whip lash. Shaking all thoughts of Jack Stone out of my head I begin with the pile in front of me.

Time flies by without me even realising it and only when Jack barges into my office do I realise it’s time to go, I scowl at him hasn’t he ever heard of knocking?

“And why Miss Peterson are you scowling at me?” I convert my face into a blank canvas.

“Because you have no manners.” He howls with laughter which stops me in the tracks of picking up my white knitted cardigan.

“Oh Jane, I am so glad I hired you, your whit is just superb. Not many people can talk to me like that, not even my own wife. I like that about you, I like it a lot.” I gulp uneasily and carry on with gathering my pieces. Ignoring his statement I turn it back to business, I needed to learn to keep my mouth shut, but he likes it my heart whines in disapproval.

“So what happens in these so call meetings?”

“Normal stuff, how the book will be presented, the pricing, the amount of orders, anything he is willing to bring up to reassure him and ourselves.” I nod as we step outside and into a black jeep.

“What time will be home?” I ask thinking about how tonight was taco night and I as always in charge of making it, Kirk won’t be a happy bunny waiting for his food for too long.

“Didn’t I tell you?” I feel my gut drop.

“Tell me what?” I turn to face him, a grin plastered on his face.

“Were staying overnight, it would take too much time and would be so much easier for the both of us.” Keep your mouth shut.

“And why the hell didn’t you mention this before?” The man was infuriating it was as if he did it for the pleasure of seeing me wound up and annoyed.

“As I shall remind you again Miss Peterson I am your boss and you will talk to me with respect.” I gulp his eyes had gone back to that cold coco colour; it was more like a black just like his soul. Swallowing I turn back to face the chair in front.

“Yes Mr Stone.” I swear at myself at how uncomfortable the journey is going to be, two hours or more stuck in a car with the most evil, canny manipulating A hole in the universe, but he’s good to look at my mind or heart shouts out I ignore it with a grunt, this was going to be a long journey.

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