Chapter three

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The journey was long and dreadful, Jack didn’t seem it fit to apologize for his lack of information instead he stared at his blackberry making himself look busy when actually all he was doing was playing a game, angry birds I think. The car pulls up alongside a busy street only then does Jack look at me, his eyes are cold and merciful. “Come on, grab your things were running late and I always like to be on time.” I sigh heavily and pick up my bag, maybe I could call a cab later tonight and get a ride home but the thought is impossible, the cab fare would be through the roof. We idle up to a fancy looking hotel named the ‘Union in’ and carry on through its elaborate entrance with white marble flooring and ceiling, I don’t have time to fonder on it anymore as I try to keep up with Jack’s large strides in five inch heels. Soon he stops nearly causing me to walk into him, I hold my own and step back and stand with him looking through the white French doors.

“Jack, I’m – I’m sorry about snapping at you earlier.” He looks down at me a small smile on his face.

“But?” I harden my eyes, how did he know there was a but?

I sigh and run my hand through my knotted hair, “But, please could you give me more notice I hate it when people spring things on me, it makes me feel …. unprepared.” His smile slips and he turns towards me his hand resting on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry I should have given you more notice.”

“Then why didn’t you?” He drops his hand and turns back towards looking through the French doors, a faraway look in his eyes.

“Come on there’s our guy over there.” He says opening the door and making his way through the elaborate red and mahogany dining area. Why was this guy so hard to figure out? I follow him and wash away the weird conversation for later this was business now. As you could have gathered the meeting was boring, unneeded I would say. Jack only arranged this meeting so he could change Henry’s mind on the cover and detail of the book, and as always he got his own way it made me wonder why he couldn’t have just done this over the phone but as I see paper work come out my mind realises he needed his signature.

Standing up we shake hands with Henry and leave him be eating his steak pie. “Jack, why did we have to come all this way, for that?” He looks down at me a small smile playing on his lips, I know now are earlier argument is now forgotten.

“Because it’s the will of a presence that makes you change someone’s mind, it’s not the same effect through a phone or on paper.” I think about his presence and how he makes me feel, even on the note he left me he made me feel infuriated, it was as if he didn’t understand how much he did influence people.

“Come it’s time for shopping now.” I try and hide my disapproval which would most likely end in another snappy comment from me, thing was I hated shopping with guys it made me feel uncomfortable, heck I didn’t even like shopping with Kirk and he was gay! I trot along after him anyways and back into the Jeep, Jack gives the driver some instructions that I don’t hear as I tune out. The sound of my phone bleeping brings me from my day dream.

“Hey.” I say cheerfully to Kirk.

“What do you mean you’re not going to be home tonight?” I sigh of course he wasn’t going to be happy that I was not home tonight; heaving another sigh I fiddle with a loose thread on my lilac dress.

“I told you why earlier kirk, I’m sorry okay?” Kirk sometimes gets a little too over protected as if he was my older brother, I knew now that a little bit was coming out he knew what Jack could be like he had read about him in the papers, the bar fights, the speeding tickets.

“What the hell am I going to do for tea now? I was really looking forward to them taco’s.” Even though he was miles away I could tell he would be pouting now as he rumbles through the kitchen draws looking for anything edible.

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