Chapter 2

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Song of the chapter: "don't stop" by 5SOS 🍉

Sam's P.O.V (Samantha)

So we're standing here, outside the Univision Studios parking lot, just, ya know, awkwardly staring into eachother's eyes, and not a word escapes his lips.

Damn chill stupid, just say hi , says my inner voice.

But just as I'm about to speak, his soothing voice appears, "Que Ondas Sammy?! *Sup Sammy* You ready to have some fun?"
while he says this, his gorgeous eyes never left mine.

"Uh hola Colon, haha obvio" *hey colon, haha obviously* I manage to say with my stupid unsteady voice...

he giggles in return and replies with,  "haha te pongo nerviosa , huh? MWHUAHAHA I KNEW IT" *I make you nervous, huh? *

WHAT?! NO NO NO ...HELL NO...I mean , maybe , idk...perhaps it's cuz we're standing too close, close enough that I can hear his heart beat and smell his Abercrombie cologne...GET IT TOGETHER PARCE says that inner voice.

"Hey! Shut up! You wish.." I say and he smiles meekly at me , idiota I mutter under my breath.

I heard that sammy!" He retorts.

"So where the guys at? " I ask.

Then he replies with ,
"oh they're all gathered in the snack room waiting , the limo should be here in like 5 minutes" .

"aight then, thanks" I say, as I turn away from him, to head inside, but he immediately takes a hold of my right arm, pulls me close again and whispers into my ear

"so I do make you nervous, right?"

Now this time my face really was an explosion of red,as a smirk forms on his lips again, but I slap his hand away and shout at him,

"piss off loser,and just FYI you really don't".

Trying to be chill, I do quite the opposite and stick my tongue out at him, then take off running away from him , and guess what, the stupidest thing ever happens, he actually chases after me!

"Sammy Slow down! Esta conversación no se ha acabado" *this conversation isn't over yet!*he yells after me in his hot, Cuban accent.

"Catch me if you can, Colon!" I yell back, as I enter through the glass doors of the Univision Studios building.

I was in such a hurry, that I didn't actually see where I was going, and...OUCH! I had crashed into something hard, no someone's hard chest hehe, I thought looking up,

as I was greeted by this pair of dreamy chocolate brown eyes and dimples, and that heart warming smile.

I realized I had actually crashed into no other than, *does French accent * Le Joel Pimentel.

"You ok Shorty?" He said. "Uh yeah, sorry I didn't see where I was going and then..."  I stutter ...why are you stuttering ...ugh quit it!

"Haha don't worry, it's cool. Aye guess what?!" He asks excitedly.

"You're about to confess you do get your eyebrows waxed! HAHA I KNEW IT!" I claim.

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