Character introduction

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Name: Jade Munroe

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Highest traits: Honest and curious

Lowest traits: Brave and funny

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Best friend: Beth and Sam

Love interest: Matt

Enemy: Emily

Occupation: High School Student

Jade has mid back long brown hair, which she normally let hang loss. She is described as loyal, intelligent and sympathetic. She wears a mid-thigh beige sweater with the text: 'We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.' Underneath she wears thick black tights and red Aigle Brillantine boots.

Jade is Mike's little sister, who he is very protective of. Being 17 years old makes her the youngest of the group, which also makes her an easy target for jokes. Jade can't handle scary stuff well and becomes jumpy whenever she is in a scary situation, even if it is a joke. Being Mike's little sister, she has to handle a lot of girls. Girls who are in love with her brother and of course his girlfriends. In the period Emily was dating Mike, she had to be around Emily a lot. Which always ended up in a fight. They can't stand each other. Jade is part of the reason Mike broken up with Emily.

When Jade was 15 she felt in love with Matt after he rescued her from bullies. She looks up to him, but doesn't want to ruin her friendship with him. So instead of confessing her feelings towards him she keeps quiet and is happy to be his friend.

Jade loves to read mystery and fantasy books, besides that she is a great fan of music. She normally sings under the shower and her brother claims she is good in it, even if it annoys him every time she showers. She is too shy to admit that she can sing and sing in front of people.

Jade's opinion on the other characters:

Mike: He is my big brother, I love him! He is always there for me and is always willing to help or protect me. But he doesn't listen to my advice when it comes to girlfriends. I have to admit Jessica is better than Emily, but I still think he can get better. I love spending time with him doing some shopping or cooking or gaming.

Jessica: She is Mike's new girlfriend. Every single line she speaks to him is about sex! Then you know what is on her mind right. She tolerates me and I tolerate her, but we are not friends. She is pretty and she knows it, she uses it. Jessica is the other reason Mike broke up with Emily.

Emily: The Bitch! I can't stand her! She really pissed me off, and of course I tell her that every time. She is Mike's ex, I don't see what he saw in her. And I don't see what Matt sees in her right now. The way she treats Matt, so mean, so bitchy, ughhh...

Chris: Chris is funny to be around, but Chris in combination with Josh is bad for me. They love to prank me with scary stuff, because they know I will freak out and scream bloody murder. Furthermore he is a good teacher, he helps me with history, not my best class.

Josh: I'm okay with Josh. He likes joking around with me together with Chris. Also he is the big brother of Hannah and Beth. Because Beth is one of my best friend, I saw him a lot. So we kind of have a bond together.

Ashley: She likes to read, just like me. So sometimes we borrow books from each together. Sometimes we study together when she is not "flirting" with Chris. We don't talk that much actually.

Sam: Sam is one of my best friends. She always comes with a logic solution and keeps her head cool in heated situations. I also know if I tell her something she wouldn't tell anybody if it is a secret.

Hannah: She has a huge crush on my big brother. I would rather have her as his girlfriend. She is really nice and really seems to care for him, sometimes she can be naïve. She is Beth's twin sister.

Beth: We met in junior high school. Ever since we met we have been best friends. We tell each other everything and of course we know everything of each other. She really cares for her family and is very protective over Hannah, and she puts other before herself. I really admire that about her.

Matt: My crush. He rescuedme a few years ago from bullies. He defended me and stood up for me, a personhe didn't know at that time. So after this event I thanked him and so westarted hanging out. After a little while I had formed a crush on him, but I'mtoo afraid what will happen if I tell him my feelings. I don't want to ruin ourfriendship, and he also has a thing for Emily. He really is a good guy, alwayskind and calm.     

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