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We all had gathered at the Washington manor on the Washington Mountain for a party with a sleep over. The whole group is here: Mike, Jessica, Emily, Ashley, Sam, Chris, Josh, Matt, Hannah, Beth and me. Everyone is having fun and is talking to each other. Also everyone is having a drink. I'm standing by Beth, Hannah and Sam. I see Hannah contently sneaking glimpse of my brother, who is stand with his arm around Emily by Ashley and Chris. I feel sorry for Hannah, she really likes him but he doesn't even notice him.

Then Emily turned her head towards us and glared at Hannah, who on her turn quickly turned her head away in shame. "Don't let her bother you, Hannah. You are an amazing person, better than Emily. I would only be a matter of time before my brother notices you, I will make sure of that." I told her. "You would really do that for me?" She asked with unbelief but hope. "Yeah sure, I would rather have you as my future sister-in-law than Emily." I told her honest.

"Yeah, I can understand that, by the way Emily treats you, Jade." Sam said. "She is right, you two arrived here fighting again with Mike in the middle." Beth said. "Oh yeah, now I remember. What was that about?" Hannah asked. "Ughh...Emily being Emily, didn't like the way I'm dressed right now, and said that she didn't wanted to be seen next to me. So I told her I was fine with that, because I wouldn't want her standing anywhere near me this whole trip. And then she flipped out and I had to defend myself. Blah blah blah." I answered.

After this conversation we split up. I went with Beth to do the dishes, because it was too much to do on her own.

Beth was done washing the dishes, while I was still drying them. She looked outside the window and it looked like she saw someone because she said "Hey...Did you see that? Dad said it'd just be us this weekend." "I didn't saw anyone Beth. What did this person look like?" I asked. "I don't know, I couldn't see that well because of the snow." She said. "Josh?" She tried to get his attention and started walking over to him. While she stood next to him she picked up a bottle which was full at the beginning of the night. "Jeez Josh...Once again brother you've outdone us all." She said joking while trying to wake him up by shaking. "I don't think he drank that all on his own, this might be his partner in crime." I said while pointing at Chris. We looked at each other just for a second to long and started laughing.

Then Beth walked towards to other side of the bar and picked up a note. I walked over to her and read over her shoulder:


You look so damn hot in that shirt...but I bet you're even hotter out of it.

Come to the guest room at 2.00am ;)



"Oh my god. What did our naïve sister get herself into now?" She asked to Josh. "And what is my brother planning this time? That isn't his writing, it is too neat." I told Beth. When Beth placed down the note, we both looked out of the window and saw Hannah running away. "Hannah?" I asked.

Beth tried to wake up Josh, but he didn't budge. Then she ran outside the door to the main hall. "Guys! There's someone outside!" Beth said. "I think it is, Hannah." I called after her. Then we saw everyone getting outside. "Wat the hell?" We both said. Beth took her jacket off the chair and we went after everyone.

"Hannah!" Sam yelled into the distance. "What is going on? Where is my sister going?" Beth questioned. "It's fine...She just can't take a joke..." Jessica Answered.

"It was just a prank, Han." Emily said with so much remorse in her voice, note sarcasm. "What did you do?" Beth demanded. "We were just messing around Beth...It wasn't serious-" my brother spoke. "You JERKS!" Beth yelled and ran after Hannah.

"And what was this joke exactly, Mike?" I asked with anger in my voice. At this moment I am really ashamed of him. "It was just a prank, Jade. Hannah was making moves on Mike and I had to look out for Emily. So I made a note for Hannah to come to the guest room." Jessica explained calmly. "So, that note was yours?! And what happen in the guest room?" I screamed. "Calm down, will you? Of course she took of her shirt and we got that on tape, right Matt?" Emily said. "Oh my god, you were all in this?! I expected this from Emily and Jessica. But you, Matt and Mike?! How could you use her feelings against her and make her look so stupid?!" I screamed at them. I really can't believe this.

"I have to go after them." I said. "No, you're not. You don't know the mountains as well as Hannah and Beth, you could get lost and you don't know where they went." Mike said while grabbing my arm.

I shook him off and went back inside. "Fine." I went over to Josh and tried to wake him up again, but it was no use, he was out. What should I do now?


Dr. Stones was looking at me in silence, which is supposed to be a cue for me to continue talking. I actually don't want to talk about this, it is too painful. "What happened after this? What did you do?" She asked me. Of course I have to talk further about it.

"I waited and waited for them to come back. But they never did. I got desperate and called the police, but because of the weather they couldn't come until dawn. So when dawn came and the weather was calm they started searching for them. They never got found." I said while holding back my tears.

"How did that make you feel?" What kind of question is that? The answer is so obvious. "I was mad, scared and sad. Mad because of what my friends did and Mike's and Matt's role in this. Scared of what might have happened to Hannah and Beth and that maybe that was the last time is saw them. Sad because of what they might went through that night, the cold and Hannah must have been so sad. I also feel guilty because I told Hannah I would help her get together with my brother." I said while one tear escaped my eye.

"Did you talk with people about this?" She asked.

"Yeah, I did. I talked with Sam, who tried to protect Hannah. And after a week I started talking to my brother again, so he knew my feelings towards the event. And after a month I started talking to Matt again, he felt really guilty for playing a part in the joke and we talked about it together." I said, smiling a little bit by remembering how important these people are to me.

"Okay, good. I'm afraid I have to end our session now. But keep a hold of these feels and think about how the others might have felt in this situation and how you look on it now. So we can talk about it next time."

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