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She took a small note book out of her desk and handed it to her. Her assistant came into the room to inform Dr. Stones that our session was over and the next person was already waiting for her. I putted the note book in my bag, which I swung over my shoulder. And I exited the room. Dr. Stones followed me to the exit of her practice.

In the wait hall were seats, I saw an older woman waiting and she looked like she knew Dr. Stones. So that must be her next appointment. I nodded to the woman to acknowledge her presents. But what caught my eyes was the figure sitting three seats away from the woman. My awesome boyfriend!

"Matt! What are you doing here? Don't get me wrong, I am pleased surprised to see you." I walked over to him to hug him. He laughed at my comment. "What? I am not allowed to pick up my girlfriend, and spend the rest of the day with her?" He retorted with a smirk on his face. Then he looked behind me, I totally forgot Dr. Stones went outside with me, I was so caught up in the moment.

"So this is Matt, I assume? It is very nice to meet you, Matt, after all I've heard about you." She walked over to us and extended her hand towards Matt. "All good I hope." Matt told her and shook her hand. At this Dr. Stones laughed and nodded. "Yes. All good. Jade is very found off you, she has no bad word for you." My face slowly went red and I avoided eye contact with Matt and Dr. Stones. They both started laughing at my behavior, and so did the other woman in the room.

Dr. Stones turned her attention towards the woman. "I am sorry for the waiting Elise." Elise shook her head no as in I don't mind. Then Dr. Stones turned at me for a second to say "I will see you next week Jade, don't forget to do your homework. And it was nice to meet you Matt." And with that said we walked with Elise to the therapy room.

Matt and I walked outside in the nice, warm sun. I had to protect my eyes with my hand from the bright light the sun had. We walked to his car, he had parked a few minutes away from the practice.

It has been a year since that dreadful night at the lodge on the Washington Mountain. Al bodies of our friend, whom had died, were buried. I almost went to their graves every week. Every time I came to there I placed a single blue rose at each and every grave.

Mike and Jessica are still dating and they are closer than ever since then. I'm still very mad at Mike and so is Matt. When Mike tried to force me to talk to him, Matt stopped him and gave him a good punch in the face. Mike and Matt's relation status has gone from bad to worst since Mike tried to shoot me. Once per few weeks Jessica asks me if I'm ready to forgive Mike, but every time I tell I'm not ready, she respects that.

Jessica and I have become closer to each other. We act like we are sisters. She is also, next to Matt, a great person to talk to when it gets me too much. She can be very comforting at those moments. We also go shopping together, to the movie and other stuff.

Chris and Sam, unexpectedly started dating a few weeks after that dreadful night. They found a lot support in each other and they could only talk to the other about the event. I still have contact with them, well most Sam. She is still my best girlfriend. From what I heard from Sam, their love is very strong and they understand each other.

Matt and I are still dating, and since I don't like being at home anymore because then I have to see Mike every day, we are looking for a place of our own. I know it is very quickly to moving in together, but Matt said that we can do it and that he knows we will stay together. Matt took two months to get over Emily, but after that he proved that he was over her and wanted to move on with me. We have been inseparable since then.

I looked at him from the by rider's seat. He looked happy and I also looked like he was planning something. "What you got on your mind, love?" I asked him. He looked at me from a slide second. "Well remember that apartment we have been looking at for a few weeks." I nodded my head. "Well, I called with the house broker and I have planned an appointment for 16.00, to watch the house in real life and not on a computer screen."

"Oh my god, Matt! That is amazing! God, I love you so much!" I hugged him while we were waiting before traffic light. We drove to the neighborhood, there were some eating shops nearby. So before our appointment, we drank some coffee and I told Matt about therapy.

The appointment went very well, it was all we imagined and more. The rent also was very tempting. We talked together at the eating shop again and came to the conclusion that this was a once upon a life time opportunity. So Matt called the house broker to make the deal set. He told us that we could get our key next month when all the paper work would be done.

After this I had to go home for dinner. Yeah... When I opened the front door I was greeted by my mother, who just came down the stairs. "Hai mum, how was your day?" I asked her. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents. But I just can't live in the same house as my brother anymore and I also have the feeling that it is time for me to leave the nest. I know I am 18 years old, but I just feel this way.

"My day was great sweetie. And how was your day? And how went therapy?" I took off my jacket and followed my mother into the kitchen. "My day was amazing. And therapy went well. Dr. Stones knows the whole story now and we will start with processing the whole event. I have to keep a dairy for my nightmares and anxiety. Oh and remember that apartment, Matt and I talked about?" "You mean the apartment you just won't shut up about?" My mother asked me teasing. "Yeah. That one. Well we bought it. We will get the key next month."

My parents knew I wanted to move out and they supported my decision. They also thought that moving out was the best option for me, so I kept them updated. "Oh that is amazing! I'm so happy for you Jade. We should arrange a day so both daddy and I can get off from work, so we can help you moving in." She said while hugging me strongly. "My baby is growing up so fast." Mother said with tears in her eyes. "MUM!" I whined.

It was dinner time. The most awkward time of the day, after breakfast. Jessica couldn't stay for dinner, so I only had mum and dad to talk to. And I had to tell dad that I was moving out I a month, which also means telling Mike. Great.

"Uhmm... Daddy, guess what? We got the house, I told you about." I just stated it as if it was the most normal to say. But Mike didn't get fooled by it, crap. "You're moving out?!" He yelled at me. I only nodded to answer his question. Oh here it comes fight number 394.

"But why do you wanna move out?! And you are still so young!" He yelled at me while standing up from his seat. "Why do you think I'm moving out? And I am old enough to stay on my own, but I won't be alone, Matt will be with me. We are renting it together." I told him as a matter of a fact. I tried to stay calm.

"You wanna move out because of me?! And stay with a guy you've been dating of less than a year?! And you two agree with that?!" He involved mum and dad in it as well. Now I was getting very mad. "Yes! I'm leaving because of you! Why won't I? I am still scared of you, I still dream of you shooting me! And Matt and I belong together, just like you and Jess. And mum and dad knew of this, they support me! Got a problem with that?!" I snapped at him.

Anger was clearly on his face. But he didn't say anything, he went from table and went upstairs. We heard him slamming his door. And he was probably calling Jess, because we heard angry talking.

Mike continued to protest the whole month we had to wait to get our key. In the meantime Matt and I bought our furniture and planned that they will be delivered at our house on the day we get the key or the day after. The walls were a plaint in nice broken white and the floors had light brown laminate, so that was already down.

When we got the key it took us a whole week to move in all of our stuff. I thought I didn't had that much stuff, god how I was wrong about that one. Matt laughed at me when I found another moving box with my stuff, mostly books, but then he also help me giving it a place.

After everything was done. We planned a house warming party for our friends. To not ruining the mood when Mike would come, I went up to him to tell to behave if he was coming. We invited him because they are also him friends, and I wanted him to see that we would be fine.

Right now Matt and I are starting our new beginning.

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