Chapter 2 Darkness

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Nine hours until dawn

Matt, Ashley and I got up to the lodge first. Ashley and I seated ourselves on the stairs. "Matt, are you okay?" I asked Matt, who was standing still and staring angry at nothing. "I'm fine, Jade. Just leave alone for a bit, will ya? I might say something I will regret, so..." He told me. So I did as he asked and let him be. I turned towards Ashley.

"How have you been, we haven't spoken that much since last year?" I asked her. "I've been fine, thanks for asking. Nothing special happened anyway." She told me. "And how are you and Chris doing, nothing special happened in that relationship?" I whispered to her. Matt doesn't need to know that Ashley likes Chris. I looked at her and saw how her face turned red. "W-w-what do you mean?!"She screamed at me. "Nothing." I told her laughing. Such a cute reaction from her.

I looked around me and I saw Josh, Chris and Sam from afar. Then I heard them coming this way. I stood up and waved at them "Hello people!" "Hey guys...Get up here okay?" Josh waved back and walked towards us. "Yeah...Well, more or less. But it's good to see you!" Ashley responded.

All this time I get the feeling that we are being watched, so I started to look around me. Then I saw a shadow behind a tree. I walked over to there to see what I was. But when I got there, there was nothing there. "What are you doing, Jade?" Josh looked at me. "I thought I saw something, must have been an animal." I told him.

Then I saw Chris talking to Ashley. I walked over to Josh and whispered "They are hard to watch, right? Not knowing what the other feels." Josh started laughing. "Yeah, maybe they need a little push. Just like you and Matt." He looked with mischief in his eyes at me. "Haha, very funny. We both know he doesn't feel that way about me." I told him. "That is what you think." Josh said while walking away with Chris. "What do you mean with that?!" I yelled after him, but got no response.

Matt still looked like he was ready to shoot someone, so I walked over to Sam. On the way there I passed Matt and placed my hand for a brief moment on his shoulder and squeezed softly. He looked at me and I gave him a small 'it-will-be-fine' smile. There was a little smile on his face for a second, it was short but it was there. Then I walked further towards Sam.

"Hai, how are you doing?" I asked her. "Fine. Just freezing my butt off." She told me. "Haha, same here. I hope it is not as cold as here inside the lodge." I told her. We walked over to Ashley and the three of us stood by the door, waiting for it to open.

"WoooOOOOOooooOOO" We suddenly heard from inside the house. I gave a shriek and then realized that I must be Chris. "Hi, Chris. Very funny." Sam told him. "How'd you know that it was me?" He questioned back. Like that could have been someone else, though it did scare me. "Shouldn't you be, like, getting the lock open or something?" Sam questioned back. "On it!" He said and he was gone again.

We waited for some more and after 15 minutes I saw Chris approaching the front door. "We're freezing our buns of out here!" Ashley said without noticing Chris. "Don't worry. He is here." I told her. He took a pose and I saw fire on the other side of the door. While hurting his hand, Chris opened the door. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week-"He spoke. When suddenly an animal jumped out of the house, don't ask me what kind of animal it was. I had my eyes closed. "EEEK. Jeez. Crap that thing freaked me out" Chris shrieked in a very manly way. Sam and Ashley were laughing at him. "What was it? Are you okay?" Ashely asked still laughing a bit. "It is like a bear, or a tiger or something-"Chris explained. "Aww, it was just a cute little baby wolverine!" Sam mocked Chris. "Baby?" Chris questioned. Yeah that wasn't a baby if you ask me and if it was...well...that would be a face only a mother could love. "Don't worry buddy, you're gonna be a big boy soon." Josh joked.

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