Chapter 8 Revelation

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Three hours until dawn

He looked at us. He found us. I was so scared. I did a weak attempt to stop him with the axe. But my arm was already tired and I didn't wanted to hurt anyone. He took a hold of my hand. "NO STAY AWAY!" Emily yelled "Shhh. Quiet!" He spoke to us in a hushed tone.

I heard that scream again and looked behind the man. What I saw, I couldn't see it clear, was not human nor an animal. He pushed us away which caused us to fall, he through a bag at us and said "Use these and get the hell outa here!" While as far as I could see, he prepared himself to battle with that thing.

Somehow we felt somewhere downwards with the stuff he had thrown at us, and don't forget the axe. Somehow the axe ended up with us again. Would always come in handy. We picked up ourselves and our stuff to get out of this place as fast as we could.

In the bag found Emily flares. She lightened one so we could she where we were going. We started to walk in the direction we thought was right. The only way to get further was to drop down to another path.

We continued to walk and walk. The path we were walking was getting smaller and smaller, it was giving me bad vibs. The screams were starting again and they were coming closer and closer to us. "Em. I don't like where this is going." I whispered to Emily. "Me too." She whispered back.

Then again there was a dead end. Emily pointed towards a hole where we would fit through. We had to push our backs to the rock wall to fit though. Suddenly a hand went through the wooden wall, it tried to grab Emily. She screamed and we tried to run as fast as we could. Whatever it was it was after us.

We ran and ran I heard the thing behind us but I know that I would slow down if I looked behind so I kept running without looking. We had to jump and when we did Emily dropped the flare. In this time I looked around and saw it. it was no animal nor human, a very slender and tall monster was crawling over the walls.

After Emily picked up the flare we ran on the leading path. It was right behind us and there was a junction, left or right and right went to the elevator. When we tried to go right the monster jumped in front of our faces, so we had no other option then to run left and we did at full speed. I didn't know how but still ended up at the elevator, I quickly pulled the switch and it went up.

"Come on...breathe out...breathe in...stay cool Em." Emily talked to herself trying to control her breathing. I also was trying to calm myself down. Suddenly the elevator stopped and we weren't at the end. We stayed as still as we could in the hope it won't notice us. It went away and the elevator reached the end. We ran out of there only to see that the monster was still following us. With the axe I tried to smash thing that would block its way, just to slow it down. The last barrel I smashed broke, so Emily could throw a flare in there, and a fire started.

We jumped on a treadmill after I activated it. We had to choose our path again. Should we stay on the treadmill or jump off it? We leaped off and ran our way up. Up ahead I saw a door which was open, "EM. Over there." I told her. We both ran up to there, closed and locked to door.

We thought we were safe and tried to catch our breath. Then that monster appeared through the door. It bit me in the shoulder and when I looked at Emily to see if she was alright, I saw that the monster had her.

That thing was holding Emily by her head. Before I could do something it pressed its thumbs into Emily's eyes. And if that wasn't enough it ripped Emily's head of. "EM! NOOO! EM!" I screamed, which I shouldn't have done. Because it noticed me again and walked towards me. I saw a swing connected to a rail and knew that, that was my only hope. I only had to make a few jumps.

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