Chapter 7 Violence

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Four hours until dawn

I woke up with something or should I say someone landing on me. "Ouch!" I screamed. "Jade?" The person asked. I looked up and saw Emily. Then everything came back. How she kept stomping my hand so I would fall down to save herself. "Jade, are you okay?" She asked. "Am I okay? Am I okay?! What the fuck do you think?! I am not fucking okay, you bitch! Now get off me!" I yelled at her. When I looked at her she somehow seems relieved that I'm alive. I understand that she is relieved, wouldn't want to be responsible for the dead of Mike's little sister, right?

"What happened to you?" I asked with venom in my voice. She ignored the venom. "Oh my god. It was so awful. Matt tried to save me twice but in the end the tower felt down. And when I woke up I was hanging upside down. And oh my god I was so scared. I just fell down from there." She told me pointing upwards. "Yeah I know, I felt before you." I told her. "Oh I'm sorry." Emily said in a bitchy way.

The tower started to make sounds again which indicated that it was about to fall down. Emily and I both got up to get away. I progress Emily's leg got hurt by a piece falling down. The tower felt all the way down to the ground beneath us. But we were save, that's what counts.

Then another question popped in to my mind "Where is Matt?" I asked with concern. "I don't know! MATT! MATT CAN YOU HEAR ME?!" Emily started yelled. So I joined her scared for my best friend's safety. "Ughh, he isn't answering. I think we should find a way out." Emily told me and started to walk away. I nodded and followed her.

Until I saw something familiar. "Hey Emily, look what I found." I showed her the axe I found. "Good, we could use that. You hold on to that, it's too heavy for me." She told me.

Emily started to make a burning torch out of her own clothes. "Oh god. Here goes six hundred bucks...better be worth it. I looked great in that top." "Wait you spend six hundred bucks on just a top?" I asked her. She gave me a look that said shut up, so I did while defensively raising my hands.

I regret raising up my hands. That hurt really badly. "Ouch, I think something is wrong with my shoulder." I said while looking at my left shoulder. "Well suck it up, we need to get moving." Emily told me.

We started to walk. Emily was right, this axe is heavy, but it's the only thing that might help us protect ourselves. It was pretty dark down here, where ever here is. Even with the torch's light. I just hope Emily's six hundred bucks worth top burns a long time, so we won't end up in the dark.

While walking Emily and I continued to call for Matt, in the hope he will answer and show us he is safe and sound. In the meantime I was also looking for something that could support my shoulder, it really hurts like hell.

When we walked further I saw a picture of an elevator on a wall. I hope we can get there and that it would work. We started walking that way. We stayed completely silent, we weren't talking to each other. There has never been a situation me and Emily were alone together.

When we got to an open place there was only one way that would lead us further and hopefully closer to the elevator. The only problem is that the way is closed by a huge door which is locked. There is no way Emily and I can break those chains which were use as lock.

Emily started walking away for the door upwards were a rail was going. At the end of the rail was a cart. I then understand what she was planning to do. Next to the cart I saw a box, I walked over to it to look inside. Inside the box I found a photo. But what caught my interest was a big piece of cloth. I could use that to support my arm.

I knotted the ends together which made it a sling for my arm. I putted the sling around my neck and with pain shots through my shoulder, I placed my left arm in the sling. After a while it felt better than before. I picked up the axe again and walked further with Emily. She made the cart roll and break the door. In the space behind it was the elevator.

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