Chapter 3 Haunted

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Eight hours until dawn

We all went up stair to sit around a round table. Chris and Ashley started to unpack the spirit board and Chris bowed himself over the manual. "So it says here: to communicate with the spirit world you must free your mind of all preconceptions, drop all inhibitions, and generally give yourself over entirely to the will of others, sublimating your every desire to the whims of the spirit master, which is me-" "It doesn't say that-" Ashley told him. "And all present will remove their garments at my sole discretion-"Chris continued like he didn't hear Ashely. "Chris, come on. This is serious-"Josh told him. "Oh, I'm deadly serious." Very funny Chris way to lighten up the mood, please note my sarcasm here. "Oh shush it, let's try this." Ashley said excited. "Yes, please." "Okay, then let's see what happens." Chris said.

We all placed our hands on the board, I don't know why this is necessary, but just go with the flow. Then Chris started talking again "Ashley, since your recent convert, why don't you be our medium for today." Ashley looked a bit unsure, but did it anyway " there...? Will you reveal yourself to us...if you're there...?" Suddenly the pointer, I just call it that because I don't know the name of it, started moving to the middle of the board. "Wait a minute..." "Did you do that...?" Chris and Josh started speaking. "I didn't do anything!" Ashley said somewhat freaked out. "It's moving again!" Then the pointer started moving over the letters and it was spelling a word H-E-L-P. "Help?" I asked. "How are we supposed to help?" Chris questioned. "I don't know. What does it mean?" Ashley asked. "We need to know who it is if we're supposed to help then." Chris reasoned. "I don't thing I want to know who it is." I told them softly. "Who are you?" Ashley asked to ghost, spirit, whoever it was. We were all waited anxiously for the pointer to move. Then it started spelling again S-I-S-T-E-R. "Sister?" I asked. "Who's sister?" Josh continued with questioning. "Oh come on is this for real?" Chris asked. "We are not moving this thing, Chris, so yeah I think it is." I looked at him with scared eyes. I really don't like where this is going. "Shut up. Ask whose sister." Josh demanded from Ashley. "''s gotta be..." Ashley answered. "Then which sister is it then?" Josh said. We all looked at Ashley to ask to next question. "Who are we speaking to? Hannah...? Is that you?" She asked while looking up, trying to connect with the ghost.

When the pointer moved to YES I was shocked. Oh my god. Is this really happening? Is this really possible? "I wanna hear what it says." Josh said. "I don't know where to start." Ashley said. "Think about it. if we are really talking to Hannah, then we can find out what happen last year." I told her. We all looked at Josh, silently asked if he would be okay. "I can handle it." Josh told us. "Okay. Um...Let me think...Hannah. If you can hear this. Like, really hear this. We all want to apologize for what happened..." Ashley said with remorse in her voice. "It was stupid and mean and we're sorry." Chris said. "I'm so sorry, Hannah, that I didn't follow you and Beth, maybe I could have done something." I apologized as well. I still regret that decision every day. "We're so sorry Hannah..."Ashley cried. B-E-T-R-A-Y-E-D "What does she mean?" Josh questioned. K-I-L-L-E-D "NO, we didn't kill them it was just a prank!" Ashley yelled. "Ash, calm down, okay?! Just...we need to find out more!!" Chris told her. I don't want to hear more. The look on Josh his face, it hurts so bad to see him like this. Ashley is freaking out and feeling very sorry for the prank. And Chris is trying to calm her down. "Guys, guys...what do they mean?" Josh questioned. "Ask them what happened, it's the only way to know! Ask them Ash!!" Chris nearly commanded Ashley. Every person around this table is freaking out from the information. "Okay. Who killed you? Hannah, who was it?" Ashley asked. L-I-B-R-A-R-Y P-R-O-O-F "There is proof in the library." Chris concluded.

Suddenly the board started shacking and the pointer flew of the table. I let out a scream and stood up from my chair. "What was that?!" I asked, like someone would know what that is. "Holy shit. Chris." Then Josh got off his chair and said "You know what? No, this is bullshit. This isn't real..." "Josh...I don't know what's going on..."Ashley told him. "None of us knows that." I told him as well. "Listen. I don't know...I don't know if you think messing with me is somehow going to help me deal with my grief or whatever but this is not cool." He responded. He walked away yelling at us. I started to space out, thinking about what just happened. This can't be real, right?! Ghosts don't exist.

"Hey, Jade, are you alright?" Chris asked me. "Ash and I are going to explore the library. Are you coming with us?" He asked me. Should I go with them and suffer more, or should I protect myself. I choose to protect myself "No, sorry Chris. This is too much for me. I'm going to the guest room and try to calm down a bit. If you need me just give a yell." I told them with a forced smile. They both nodded and walked away as well.

I walked towards the guest room, when I looked up I saw Hannah's room in through a door. But I didn't go in there. I just went to my matrass in the guest room and laid down. Somehow it was a bit comfortable. I looked up at the celling, trying to calm down my racing heart. Was Hannah really trying to communicate with us? All this time I have been wondering what happened to them. But the idea of the existence of ghosts, that dead people are still on earth and that they can communicate with us in every way possible. That gives me the creeps.

I suddenly felt very tired and thought that getting some sleep won't hurt anyone, if they need me they would know where to find me. So I closed my eyes and felt into a dreamless sleep.

It was like I felt a presence with me, an unpleasant one and that feeling woke me up. When I opened my eyes there was a person above me with a mask on. I started to scream and did the first thing that came into my mind. I kicked him leg hard and started to run away. I heard the person follow me. Why would this person be here, and what is his purpose. None of them good I concluded. While I ran downstairs, my luck wasn't on my side. I tripped over my own feet and felt down the rest of the stairs. In progress in hit my head.

I tried to get up a quickly as I could, my vision wasn't clear anymore and my head hurt like hell. As far as I could make out my chaser was getting closer and closer. I got on my feet weakly and ran the last meters to the front door. I laughed relieved when I was at the front door, but that stopped when I tried to open the door.

"Oh, fuck no, it's locked!" I yelled while pulling with all my might at the door. "Oh Jaaadddeee, I got a little surprise for you." The chaser said behind me. When I turned around to punch him in the face, he placed a masker on my mouth. I don't know what's in it but it made me sleepy. And in no time I was asleep again.

When I woke up again I was in a different place. I looked around some more and realized I was in the kitchen. The person with the mask wasn't in this room. Then I remember that Chris and Ashley were in the library, probably not knowing what was going on. So I ran towards the door that leads to the living room. "CHRIS! ASHLEY!"

When I opened the door something appear in my face. A GHOSTS! And it looks like Hannah! My body went into the flight mode and I ran in the other direction. When I opened my door on that side of the kitchen.


Remembering this made me feel I was in this situation again. My body already wanted to run away from the room I was in. "I see that this memory is still really intense for you." Dr. Stones observed. "Yeah, it was really scary, I have never been a brave person when it comes to things like that. I'm very jumpy and don't like horror movies. Now I think about it, I'm surprised that I didn't wet my pants." I told Dr. Stones with a smile on my face, like laughing at my own cowardly attitude.

"It is very understandable that you were scared. Every person in that situation would be." Dr. Stones is trying her best to make sure I feel at ease, I really appreciate that. In all this time I've been having sessions with her, I haven't regret doing it. I trust this person in front of me. She will understand me and help me get better.

"When everything was over and I that about it. I deserved it. When I got to know what the reason was, why the psycho did what he did. I couldn't be angry at him anymore, because I did deserve it." I told her in all honest.

"I don't understand that, can you-"Dr. Stones couldn't finish her sentence because her next appointment was waiting and the alarm made a sound which means that our session for today is over. "We will talk about this, next time. I'm not done with you, Jade. Thinking you deserve something like that." She told me as I walked out of the office. "Until next time, Dr. Stones." I told her.

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