Chapter 10 Repentance

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One hour until dawn

After I hang still on the platform, I opened my eyes and used all the strength I had in my arm to lift myself up.

When I looked at the path that followed though the mines, I saw cages and chains everywhere. The path down to the mines was straight and clear of holes or knolls. I saw no blood on the floor or anywhere. So that is a good sigh, I hope.

When I continued walking, I came to an open space. And there were sharp hooks hanging on the sealing. There was so light coming through a hole in the wall, which shone on the hooked, they kind of blinked in the light.

There was no blood on the hooks and anywhere near them. So I kept walking down the path, which was the only path I could take.

I could tell my body was exhausted from the night. Because the adrenaline wasn't pumping through my vanes anymore, the exhaustion hit me hard. It was really hard to pull up my legs to keep walking, and my eyes were getting very tired. And I haven't even started over my shoulder. I must look like hell right now, and I feel like hell. This whole mountain is hell. I just hope we can make it until dawn. Losing Emily was already too much, but to lose someone else as well. And the thought of dying here myself. Ughh...

Don't think like that, Jade. It will be fine, it will be fine. It has to be. But right now I need to focus on the task at hand. Finding Matt.

"Matt! Matt, are you here somewhere?! Please answer me! MATT!!" I started to call for him while walking down the path. I know, calling out might not be the smartest thing to do, but right now I can't think of another option.

"MATT! PLEASE, MATT! Please be alright." My mind had enough of what had happened. I couldn't keep strong anymore. The tears were coming and from the feeling of it, they won't stop. I stop walking, I didn't had the strength anymore to continue. I had given up. I was down the fucking mines again. Emily and Jessica are dead, so is Beth. Hannah turned into one of those awful things and is out to kill us. Matt is missing and probably also dead.

I sank to my knees on the ground and hugged myself with my arms. I couldn't control the sobs that were leaving my mouth. My vision was blurry dual to my tears. The pain from exhausting also came on top off it. I kept calling for Matt through my sobs.

Far away I heard my name being called, but all I could think was that, that was my mind playing tricks with me. I heard footsteps coming closer, but I paid no attention to it. If it was a wendigo, so be it. If it was Hannah coming here to kill me, fine.

When I suddenly felt warm, strong arm around me and I was pulled into a warm body. I opened my eyes and got back to my senses. The body I was pulled into wore a light cobalt-blue Letterman jacket over a grey turtleneck. Then I realized there is only one person I know who wear them. I looked up to see the face I was looking for.

"Matt!" I jumped up and hugged him around his neck. I felt his arms going around me and ending at my back. "Jade, thank god, you're safe." He told me with his face in my hair. We let go off each other and raised to our feet. Matt's hand was on my head, petting me. I looked him up and down for injuries.

"Hey Jade, uhm...where is Em?" Oh shit. How am I going to tell him that she is dead? I think just do it, get over with it, no fudging. "Matt, Emliy is dead. She was killed by a monster." I told him while not daring to look in his eyes. "You mean she was killed by that thing?!" My eyes went wide and I looked at him. He knows that the wendigo exists. "Yes." I told him.

I looked at Matt carefully and I saw tears coming down his face. "I'm so sorry Matt." I told him with a small voice and on the edge of tears. I tried not to remember Emily's dead. "You don't have to apologize, Jade. It is not your fault."

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