Chapter Twelve ~Travis~

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It's Sunday morning. I'm pulling down the street towards my mom's house and see Sanders' truck in the driveway. I pull in right behind him. He's leaning against his door talking to Spanish. I hop out, laughing, yet nothing I'm witnessing is funny. My laughter holds behind it one message and one message only...someone's gonna die, and it isn't Grace.

"First of all Sanders," I begin on a chuckle, "you don't park in a man's driveway." My laughter stops abruptly. My eyes don't leave him and I continue, "Hi Grace. Do your big brother a favor and go inside."

"Hey Trav." Grace responds, but doesn't turn to go, as she stands twirling her hair.

"Now Grace."

"Ugh. Fine," she responds. Turning, she makes her way into the house and the screen door slams shut behind her.

"What up Bro?" Sanders steps up to me and goes in for knuckles. Face stone cold, I stand with my arms folded in front of me and watch him as he fist bumps the air to completion. "Sorry about parking in the driveway man. No need to get all crazy on my ass," he adds, both hands waving quickly in front of him as he breaks into a laugh.

I say nothing.

As though the pieces have suddenly fallen into place and he understands my irritation he says, "Dude, please don't tell me you're upset that I was out here talking to Grace?" He looks appalled. "I'm hurt Travis. So hurt, really man." He turns and begins walking towards the front door.

"I heard you speaking Spanish to her," I reply.

He suddenly stops. "Ohhh," he says.

I step up beside him and smack him in the back of the head. "Don't let it happen again Sanders."

"Alright Bro. Geez," he responds as he eyes me from the side.

"I mean it man. Not Grace."

"Okay, okay. Fair enough Rocky," he responds as he turns to face me. Busting into a smile, he begins to bounce back and forth on the balls of his feet like a boxer, as he simulates punching me in the stomach. "Thought you were going to beat my ass, didn't ya? That's so cute Mijo," he says on a chuckle.

"Don't push me Sanders," I respond, my voice firm, an eyebrow lifted. His movements slow to a stop and the joking look on his face is gone.

"So testy, geez," he responds, like I've hurt his feelings.

"If I was testy, you'd be dead."

He nods in understanding and replies, "Yes, but admit it Brennan, even you can't fight the sexy." He takes off running, opens the screen door, and stomps up the stairs to my room, bellowing out in laughter as he goes.

I can't help but laugh too. "Fucker," I shake my head and walk into the house just as Grace is heading out the door with her backpack hanging off her shoulder.

"Where you off to Squirt?"

"I'm going to Jen's to do homework. We have a project due."

"Mom at church?" I ask.

"Yep. See you later?" she questions as she make her way down the steps, stopping to look back at me.

"Not sure," I respond.

"Kay. Well, I Iove you Trav, and can you tell Sanders I said goodbye," she replies with a huge grin.

"Love you too Squirt. Be safe," I say, ignoring her request about Sanders completely.

I make my way upstairs and into my room where I find Sanders laying on the bed tossing my football above himself repeatedly. "Comfortable?" I ask.

"Yeah, your bed is way more comfortable than our bunks back at base. Mind if I catch a quick nap?" He smirks.

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