Chapter Twenty-Seven Part Two ~Maddie~

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Travis spins around, his hand slipping from mine as Jenkins forces me out of the elevator. The girls gasp from behind him, watching with terrified looks on their faces.

"Maddie!" Alex cries out.

"What the fuck?!" Travis says as his eyes widen in fear at the sight before him, but his features quickly morph into anger, his jaw clenching tight, the muscles in them twitching. He takes a quick step forward as his hands ball into two tight fists.

"Ah-ah, stay right where you are. One more step and she's done," Jenkins says quickly, stopping him. His grip on my hair pulls tighter, and I wince at the pain, at my hair being slowly ripped from my scalp.

When a small whimper escapes my lips, Travis goes to move forward again but stills, physically fighting against himself, against what he wants to do and what he needs to do to get us out of this.

The elevator begins to close and Travis leans forward, slamming his hand against the door to keep it open. He levels his piercing stare on Jenkins, gripping the door jamb tight. "Listen and listen well," he seethes, "because I will only say this once. This will go down one of two ways. One, you let her go and I might spare your pathetic ass by knocking you the fuck out. Two, you keep that knife to her throat and I promise you, I will fucking kill you."

Jenkins laughs against me. "Oh, hit a nerve did we? I knew you two knew each other. And you were planning to waltz right on out of here with her, weren't you? But this is a surprise," he gestures towards Alex, Danielle, and Becca in a circular motion with the knife in his hand before returning it to my throat. "You trying to take all these Breeders for yourself Brennan?" he chuckles, "I'll admit, I'm impressed. But you see, there's a lot more in it for me if I don't let you walk out of here. Stopping a rogue Hunter from running off with four Breeders? Yeah, there's a lot in that for me. A promotion. Maybe even a bonus," he finishes, cockily.

Travis bites his lip, shaking his head while he grips his fist tightly in one hand, trying desperately to reign in his temper.

My heart beats rapidly, pounding against my chest. I can feel it pulsing beneath the blade of the knife as I try to slow my ragged breathing, as I try to keep from panicking. But the look on Travis's terrified he is under all that fury...I know we won't be making it out of here.

Well...I won't be.

I swallow hard, fighting back every urge to cry. We were so close, so damn close.

"Just go," I finally manage.

"Maddie, no." Alex shakes her head. "We're not going anywhere without you." She turns on Jenkins, "Let her go you piece of shit!" she screams at him, tears falling down her cheeks as Danielle holds her back.

Travis shoves his fist into the side of the elevator at my words, shattering the mirrored wall beside him. Becca jumps in surprise and retreats further into the corner of the small space.

"Let. Her. Go," Travis demands through clenched teeth, his face red with anger. "Whatever you want, just name it and it's yours," he adds. His wheels are turning; I can see him trying to think his way out of this, but it's hopeless.

Jenkins laughs again, even harder this time. "I've already gotten what I want. That look on your face? Priceless." And at his words, Travis lets out a loud growl of frustration.

"You need to go. There's no more time, Travis. Please, just take them and go," I beg.

"Yeah, take them and go Travis," Jenkins mocks me. "Listen to your little Breeder bitch here and get going- if you actually think you'll succeed in escaping. Besides, I wouldn't mind some alone time with this one," he finishes, his voice low and full of intent.

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