T-Shirt Design Contest (CLOSED)

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Win a T-shirt of your own design!

*Authors walk out from hiding in a cave the past month.*

"It's so bright out here," Michelle says.

"And hot," Kara adds...

Hi, guys!!!

We're just gonna say it... Writing book 2 has been a Beeeeeeooooooottttttcccchhhhhh!! But we're (extremely afraid to say it) ready to get back down to business! But first, as we are so good at doing, a little potato chipping first. With a T-Shirt design contest! :)

We want you to pick a favorite quote, or something related to Breeder Nation, that could be put on a shirt, like....

"Can't Fight The Sexy"


or "Maddie is my Homegirl" for example.

Comment below with your T-Shirt idea, and we'll pick our favorite on October 3rd, 2017, the 1-year Breeder Nation publication bookiversary! We'll take that favorite, have it made, and send you one!

If you don't have any ideas of your own, reply on your favorites from others, so we can see what you like!

We hope you'll join the fun!

Thank you, and much love, Kara Michelle <3

UPDATE: We've chosen our winner! While we were leaning towards "M.V. Mother-Fvcking. P., we just didn't feel comfortable mailing out a shirt with our favorite F-word. 🙊 We don't need angry mom and dads! <3 So we went with our equally favorite, "Sanders Is My Homeboy." Thank you all so much for participating!!

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