Chapter Twenty-Nine Part Two ~Maddie~

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*** Kara Coauthor says you must play this song while you read!

I did listen to it a million times while writing this chapter, and it truly encompasses the feels and emotions of Travis and Maddie. <3 ~Michelle***

"Come here," he says again, softly.

I swallow nervously, taking slow steps towards him, and my heart beats faster with each step that brings us closer. His eyes don't leave mine and within them I see a determination I've never seen before and a longing I never imagined he'd be directing at me.

Scooting to the edge of the bed, he studies me, gauging me with a small smile curving his lips. He waits patiently, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth as I take my final step.

This is really happening, and my pulse beats faster.

Standing between his legs, I look down at him as his hands reach out for me. He gently grips the back of my legs, and I close my eyes.

"This okay?" he asks, his voice low and gravelly.

I nod, unable to find the words for how much I want this, for how long I've wanted it.

His hands slide up the backs of my legs, slow and torturous, up and over, settling on my lower back. My breath hitches as he pulls me closer, lifting one leg and then the other around him, sliding me into place on his lap.

One of his hands resume its hold on my lower back while the other comes up to touch my face, a tender caress.

Looking deeply into my eyes, he says, "I've always wanted to kiss you. Every time you smiled, every time you laughed. These lips," his thumb lightly pulls down at my bottom lip, "have tempted me for far too fucking long."

My breaths come quicker, deeper, as I slide my hands up his chest and around his neck. "Then kiss me," I say bravely, breathless.

Licking my lips, I wait anxiously as he slides his hand into my hair and still, his gaze doesn't leave mine as he pulls me down to him.

I feel his breath on my lips, and I let out a little gasp just before he crushes his lips to mine.

Everything happens so fast, his lips hungrily moving against mine as he grips me tight, swallowing every small sound I make. His tongue slides against mine, our mouths molding to each other so perfectly.

He brings his hands up to my face, pulling me away briefly. Our breaths match, heavy and fast.

"Holy shit," he breathes.

Yes, I want to agree but feel too greedy and smash my lips against his once more, kissing him even deeper than before. Our mouths move against each other in a perfect rhythm as his hands move up and down my back, over and around my thighs, pulling me closer and closer still.

He groans and it lights a fire within me. I can't get enough, and I move my hands upward, pulling his hair between my fingers in a desperate attempt to get closer. His hands slide around my back, and lower, pulling me into him.

Taking my bottom lip between his teeth, he bites it gently and pulls it into his mouth, sucking softly.

"Fuck, Maddie," he growls and leans back, pulling us down onto the mattress together. He wraps his arms around me tighter and rolls us over, pinning me beneath him.

Beneath his body.

Beneath his piercing stare.

His chest expands against mine as he breathes, and he smooths my hair away from my face with a soft touch. "I love you too, Maddie. I have for a long time. I was just too fucking stupid to ever do anything about it."

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