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Hi guys!!! First off, HOLY SH*T!! 25,000 followers?! Thank you guys SO very much! We appreciate you all more than you know! Thank you for the follows, the reads, the votes, and all the awesome comments you guys leave us. <3 It still blows our minds that this many of you like our story!

We thought it would be fun to drop some links to interviews we've done here on Wattpad and reviews that have been done on Breeder Nation. Check them out if you're interested! Thanks and have an amazing day!!

XOXO Kara Michelle

Update! See our newest interview with the wonderful @_TheCRYPTIC here:

Update: See our most recent interview here!
With the lovely howto_  in "Wattpad Interviews."

Check out our fun interview with @FANTASCI in their interview magazine, Prophecies and Parallel Universes |An Interview Book| here:

And another fun interview with @wrightstory in her book, Wattpad Interviews @ The Beach Hut Café, that you can find here:

@Wrightstory has also done a review on our book that you can find here: in her book titled, Reviews by Kimberly S B Lieb.

And a book review by @Thin-Tin-Missy in her book, My Book of Reviews!

Lastly, how cool is this?!!!! wrote an article titled, 6 of The Best Books I've Ever Found on Wattpad, and guess who made the list?! Eeeek!!! You can find the article here:

We hope you'll check some of them out!

Much love!!

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