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Y/N= Your Name

It was a sunny morning I woke up to see Mark was gone. I just thought he was off making videos like he always is. I went into the kitchen, and walked past Mark in his little cozy recording studio

"Hey Y/N I will be done in a minute!" I heard him yell to me.

I just grabbed my coffee and walked by his studio again and waved my hand at him. I sat down at the island in the kitchen to enjoy my coffee. I heard him come out of his studio and sit down next to me, (at the time I had my hands on the table)

He took my hand and wrapped his warm hands around it, putting it onto his chest. "You know, your my biggest inspiration for doing this right?"

I looked at "Yeah, I guess." I said to him.

"Well Hey maybe we could go out today?" Mark said putting my hand down to the table but still had a grip.

"Nah... I don't feel that well today..." I said because I didn't feel like going anywhere today.

"Oh, well I will take care of you, do you need anything?" Mark said getting up letting go of my hand and pointing to the refrigerator.

"Uh no you don't have to I'm fine, maybe we could just watch a movie today, and you need a break." I said getting up picking up my coffee and patted him on the shoulder.

I got up, he was right behind me watching me pour the rest of my coffee into the sink, I hardly even drunk. "Okay, I could do that!" Mark said running to the couch and jumped onto in a sitting position.

"Okay, what's good..." I ran up next to him and sat down then I grabbed his arm and wrapped it around me.
"I know a great movie!" We watched a great movie and stayed glued together all day long staying nice and cozy together.

Hey guys uh this is my second chapter thing and I don't know if its going well but if you like it please like it, it supports me a lot to keep writing I love writing so much it will support me alot! <3 thanks guys for reading... Bye!!!!

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