Chapter 5.

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Ten Years later, Cason is fifteen and living in Comox in a new house with his family...

 I rushed out the door and started to walk to school wearing my shorts that go down past my knees, my sneakers, and a T-shirt. My dirty blond medium length hair rested above  my eyes as I ran. I had no clue then that most of the girls in my class liked me even though I act like a goofy kid. I don't have a crush on any one; I just don't really care about relationships. Once I got to school, I hung out with my normal group of guy friends while the girls clouded around us. We walked in and sat in our desks.

"First thing of the day, is P.E." The Teacher said.

Me and my friend Jordon raced out the door and over the field, into the forest where we always played a game of Predator Vs. Prey. Predator is a basic game of hid and go seek tag. Except everyone is wearing a pinny and the person 'it' isn't wearing a pinny. When you are tagged, you take off your pinny and are 'it' also. I am never tagged because I am pretty much the fastest guy in my class. except sneak attacks from behind. I'm not good at those. And everyone knows I never hide with someone else, I go alone for the best game experience.

"15, 14, 13..." A girl in my class started counting.

I sprinted through the bushes, close to the outside of the forest and crouched down low. After two minutes of sitting still as people 'it' passed me, I slowly jumped out of the bushes and onto the forest floor. there stood Jason, one of my friends, staring at me with a smirk on his face.

"hello Cason." he grinned deviously.

"Crap!" I yelled.

I sprinted as fast as I could, over logs, jumping roots, and through prickle bushes. When I looked behind me, Jason, was out of sight. I ran by a giant log and hid in the bushes beside it. Flocks of girls were hiding behind it.

"Cason, stay quiet!" One whispered.

I stared at her, then scanned over the predators and prey. Most of the prey were captured and turned into predators. Then, Alley jumped up behind me and I stumbled away as she chased me. I tripped over a root but kept running. I swung through the branches, until I tripped into a prickle bush. Just as she was about to tag me, the whistle blew signalling the game was over and I had made it through the game.

"Yes! YES!" I laughed happily.

I ran to the teacher where everyone was gathered.

"Holly crap Cason, your legs!" A girl pointed out.

I looked down. My legs were cut, bleeding, and bruised. I shrugged.

'Cason will pretty much do just about anything to get away." The teacher smiled.

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