Chapter 9.

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Anna and I walked together through the forest to get to school. We walked silently and i was itching just to say something because the silence was killing me.

"Why were you acting strange yesterday?" Anna finally said, shouldering her back pack.

'What? When?" I asked sourly.

Anna shrugged and kicked a clump of dirt and moss.

"after gym yesterday. You were acting strange."

"No I wasn't." I laughed hysterically, walking faster.

Anna shrugged again and walked the same speed as me, smoothing her short purple skirt. Today was the day I was going to make HER jealous. Like I said, two can play that game.


It was five hours into school and we had just finished math.

"Well, you can all have free time now." The teacher said, sitting at her desk to mark work.

I took a deep breath. A group of girls were talking in a group at the front of the class room. Here's my chance. I walked up to the girls. They all stared up at me.

"Hey, whats up?" I asked.

"Oh nothing, we're just telling secrets. Want to join?" One girl said, batting her lashes and patting the ground beside her.

I glanced back to see Anna not looking, she was just reading her book.

"Oh sure!" I said loudly.

Anna glanced up from her book and I quickly sat down. I got her attention! Anna watched for about five seconds then stopped. I gave up on the whole dumb secret thing.

'Oh, what ever!" I muttered.

The girls looked at me quizzically.

"What?" They asked.

I got up and walked away. This was useless. How would I ever get her to like me?! Oh god, I'm not acting like myself at all lately....Whats wrong with me? It makes me sick! She walks pretty, she talks pretty, and I can't do anything! I went and sat down beside Anna in my desk. She looked at me, lifting her eye brow.

"Why were you talking to those girls?" She asked.

'Why are you talking to Aaron all the time?" I retorted.

Anna glared at me.

'WHAT!? What do you mean talking to Aaron all the time? Am I not aloud to talk to him? he just talks to me!" She whispered, blushing.

"You just LOVE him now, don't you!?" I whispered scornfully.

"WHAT!? What's wrong with you?" Anna laughed with anger.

I kicked my chair back and discreetly stormed out of the class room. Anna ran after me, but I sprinted into the boys bathroom. After a few minutes, I finally came out. Anna jumped out at me from the girl's bathroom. Great. I sighed.

'Cason, whats wrong?" She asked, shaking her head.

"Sorry it's just...."

Anna stared at me. I couldn't bring up the courage to tell her I liked her. I smiled.

"I've been having some problems at home, that's all. Sorry I just exploded on you like that for no reason..."

Anna smiled and flattened out her skirt. We started to walk back.

"it's okay. And you can tell me ANYTHING if you don't have anyone to talk to. You're my buddy after all!"

I nodded and as we got to the class room, my heart sank. The way she said buddy made me die. There's no hope for me and Anna....

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