Chapter 13.

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I walked down my street and through the forest path where Anna met me. We walked in silence. She was wearing a very short orange skirt and a tight graphic T-shirt, her hair in a very curly pony tail.

"How was the prom?" She asked glumly.

I shrugged and smiled, trying to pretend it was great.

"It was.....Cool." I said.

She pursed her lips and nodded coolly.

'Well, I'm sorry I didn't get to stay longer...You know, Aaron was sick and all."

I shrugged sheepishly.

"No big deal." I said as we made it into the school. We walked into the classroom and sat down. Aaron strolled up to Anna who was sitting beside me.

"Hey Aaron!" She smiled, batting her eye lashes. Bleh.

"Are you feeling better?"

Aaron nodded and his face turned red.

"yeah. My mom just had to completely sanitize my whole room. There were a lot of germs."

I chuckled unintentionally and he noticed. he looked over at me and smiled smugly as if saying 'HAH HAH HAH HAH, shes mine, shes mine!' he leaned in and smiled at Anna then walked away, glancing back at me.

"What a-"

"Cason!" Anna laughed, nudging me.

"Aaron isn't bad!"

I smiled and laughed.

"I'm just kidding." I lied.

The teacher looked over at us and we quickly snapped out a book.

Later, during math, Anna walked up to the teacher and whispered something followed by handing her a note. The teacher nodded and Anna sat back down.

"What was that?" I asked.

Anna looked at me, startled.

"Oh, I just told her that I have a dentist's appointment in a couple of minutes and will have to leave school and not come back for the rest of the day."

I nodded and returned my attention to my work.

Then Anna got up and ran out of the class room to go to the dentist. I sighed and kept writing.

Half an hour later, the recess bell rang and I started to walk out into the field. Aaron ran up to me.

"You stay away from Anna, okay?" He said.

I made a: What the heck?-face and then frowned. Why would he tell me to stay away from Anna? She doesn't even like me!

'What?" I asked.

Aaron rolled his eyes and glared at me.

"I see you talking to her. I see the way she laughed with you and looks at you. So lay off." He yelled.

"Really?" I smiled, excited.

maybe she did like me....

"Yeah!" Aaron sneered.

"Well, we'll just see who she chooses then, won't we?" I smiled.

"Oh yeah? Well Anna already likes me. That's why she went with ME to go to the prom and not YOU."

"What ever, you weren't even there! And it's not like your dating!"

"Well then lets just see who gets to her first!" Aaron yelled, then he started to run across the field and towards the forest.

"Oh no he didn't. Lets just see if my speed helps me..." I yelled, then I sprinted up to Aaron.

We ran toe-to toe as we headed through the forest. I was slowly propelling ahead of him though (I'm the fastest, ha). Once we got out, we sprinted down her street, dodging cars. We made it to her house and ran up the porch steps.

"ANNA!" We both yelled at the same time as we rang her doorbell and rapped on her door hard.

Anna opened the door, gauze in her mouth from getting teeth pulled, but she still looked pretty. She frowned at us.

"What are you guys doing here at school hours....?" She asked slowly.

We both babbled on at the same time, really fast. I couldn't even understand myself.

"Anna, be with me!" I yelled.

"NO, shes with ME!" Aaron yelled at me.

"She's mine!" I said, glaring at Aaron.

'SHES MINE!" Aaron screamed.

'SHUT UP!!!!" Anna yelled furiously.

'I'm not a object you can fight over! GO AWAY!"

Then she slapped Aaron in the face and he stumbled down her front steps. I laughed and then she glared at me.

'And YOU to!" She cried.

Then she slapped me in the face and I stopped laughing alright. She slammed the door and I slouched away. That was a bad idea and didn't work out as planned. What did I expect? Her to jump into my arms and I would carry her away? Dang... I ruffled my hair and headed back to school, Aaron close behind.

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